Creating VHS Effect

Is it possible to give a video a VHS effect similar to these videos?

Do I need a plugin, or will stock footage suffice?


  • There are 2 plugins that you could probably easily achieve the same look with.  They are Film Damage and TV Damage.  They are part of the VFX: Damage add-on or in Pro if you have that.

  • Here is Shiny Films tutorial on how to make an 80's VHS style...

    There are several more tutorials out there as well. Just do a search on YouTube!

  • Thanks silar, and FilmSensei, I've used a combination of the TV damage, Derez, and some free Stock Footage that I found on Youtube that matches the Red Giant VHS look.  Is there a way to have a rewind effect kind of like what is in this tutorial?

  • I tested a fast-forward effect a while back, though I didn't save the result. It was pretty easy, though. First off, put your footage into a composite shot.  Use the Rate Stretch tool (or Speed/Duration) to stretch your media shorter, which will automatically (unlike in the video you shared) pitch the audio up as the video gets faster. Above this, I put a grade layer with the Shake effect, tweaking it to only shake vertically, and make the shake pretty small, yet rapid. Add the Noise effect, check Monochrome on it, and adjust the Amount value to your liking.

    To get the distortion, you could add a plane below everything with Fractal Noise, tweaked to get wide horizontal streaks. Drop a grade layer above that, then add the Displacement effect to your footage layer, targeting the grade, and dialing in horizontal and vertical displacement values to your liking (using Luminance instead of green/red). If you keyframe the Seed on the fractal noise, it will give the displacement some life.

    Add a text layer for the FF/REW text.  If you wish, add Displacement to that as well, also targeting the grade above the fractal noise layer, though from what I recall from my days of using VHS tape decks, the on-screen text is sometimes rendered on top of the footage and won't be displaced like the rest of it. Try it both ways and go with what you like best.

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