Ignite Certified for Premiere CC 2019 Yet?

Is Ignite Certified for Adobe Premiere CC 2019. I rand into a rendering hang bug with the Chroma Key plugin after Adobe upgraded to the 2019 version, forcing me to move to BCC Primatte Studio to complete my project. But I like the Ignite plugin better. So I am wondering if Ignite is now certified for the CC 2019 version of Premiere.


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    Is it hanging on:

    Matte enhancement

    • Alpha Brightness & Contrast


    I have CC 2019 installed and Premier won't even open and hangs on this plugin when loading.


  • I have found that the Ignite plugins crash when rendering in Premiere. I have had to stop using them entirely until it is sorted out. I first ran into the problem with the chroma key plugin, but then I tried another plugin, ripple, and the same thing happened. It all started with the recent Adobe update.

  • The problem has been solved.  Willing to go the extra mile since I have been such a strong supporter of Hitfilm and Ignite, last week I decided to start from scratch. I reformatted my program drive (C:) with external and fresh Windows 10 media (DVD, from Microsoft web site). Then I reinstalled the Adobe products that I use, such as Premiere and Photoshop, etc. Then I installed the latest version of Ignite (version 4). Then I tried using Ignite chroma key, which had caused so much troubles previously, and I rendered with Media Encoder. EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY. There were no crashes. The renders came out very nice.

    The problem remains of trying to figure out which of the elements needed fixing. Was it Windows, Adobe, or Ignite, since I used new versions of everything? Moreover, my Windows installation was an upgrade from Windows 8, and I always had suspicions with that. So, I do not think I will ever know what caused the problem.

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    Update. The problem is not solved, and it is NOT and Ignite issue. It is an issue with Premiere CC with the 2019 update. The problem does not exist with the 2018 version. I have posted an extended discussion of this on another thread.

    Mod Edit: CourtneyBrown discussed it in detail HERE. (Triem23)

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