"The Letter" - a short made with HitFilm and some VFX

Hi all,

Here's a short film called "The Letter" I shot at home. It's about a young man who is about to write a letter to the woman he loves and even in unfavorable circumstances he manages to be creative and romantic.


Here's the VFX breakdown:


I used Blender where I only rendered scenes in 2D, later composited in HitFilm. All the tracking, green/blue screen work has been done in HitFilm.


  • I'll check the VFX breakdown later but I really like the film. 

    The atmosphere is great, the music fits very nicely, the set-up *without words* is great and, just when I thought "Hold on. Why is he typing this letter?" we have the ribbon issue. I don't know if the calligraphy was supposed to be very good (much better than mine obviously) but I also liked how it wasn't perfect and the writer was putting his heart into it. 

    Great stuff. 


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    Thank you. The music was composed for the movie. The letter is typed, because this is how the communication between him and his loved one was going on so far. The power went out and he went the old-school way (assuming typewriters were the hype at that time). This way he got more romantic even though the situation got worse with the power outage after jamming of the machine.

  • Indeed... and that is exactly how it comes across in the film without any words needed to explain it. Very powerful.

  • I appreciate that.

  • @Lazarov

    Wow... that vfx breakdown is impressive.

    Props man.

  • +1 to what's been said so far. An awesome short all the way around: storytelling, music, visuals...everything. Your use of effects surprised me. My initial thought was that it was just the rain. I had no idea the main interior and exterior environments were renders. Yeah, I saw your comment about Blender above, but it still didn't jump out that they were renders. Really well done!

  • Loved this and the original...great work, really well executed 👏👏👏👏👏

  • @CleverTagline: Thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked the short. Your feedback was pleasantly surprising to me to.

    @maneo11: Thanks a lot. I appreciate that!

  • @Lazarov very impressive work!! I do love when VFX are used for a purpose and don't look like VFX.

    Very inspiring.

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     @rutxer: Thank you. Imagine if the short was a sci-fi one. Even if the VFX were flawless, nobody would believe them, because it was a sci-fi. But when it's a mundane situation, most people have their VFX-cautious part of the brain disarmed :)

  • Well done Lazarov some nice subtle effects , the previz is nice only the brick work in the rain stands out , some wet materials effects would have worked well.

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    @Rogyrue Thanks. Yes, I agree about the bricks and the rain. The rain is what I found in HitFilm and tried to make it as real as possible. Obviously, that wasn't that perfect. As for the brick work - yes, not enough specular highlights, a bit flat looking. Thanks again for the feedback.
  • @Lazarov, really great. I also love the fact that the vfx didn't seem like vfx. Good work!

  • @Kiplake Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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