Any suggestion or tip to help with this will be appreciated!

Hi All,


I have been trying to make an animation of the Atlantic slave route from the UK to the West Indies using Google Earth. See my rather clunky attempt so far :-

Slave Route Animation

I used the Path option in Google Earth to draw a line. I took a snapshot of it and then drew the next bit and took another snapshot. I put all the snapshots on the time line and I now have an animation of sorts.

However I am pretty sure there must be a much neater and more professional way of doing this using Hitfilm Express. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bear in mind I am just a beginner with Hitfilm; so if it is too complicated I would appreciate being told so that I don’t waste everyone’s time including my own!




  •  I would take a look at the first part of @CleverTagline's (Justin's) newest tutorial for HitFilm. He uses a very simple technique in HitFilm Express to animate a line over time.

  • @FilmSensei  Thanks for pointing me towards that demo. It looks like I could experiment with some of those techniques. 


  • @FilmSensei ; Thanks for your help.  This technique is very useful and now that I have it I can save a sort of Composite template that I can modify to provide solutions in future.

    If you are interested this is my modified animation using HitFilm 

    New Slave Route Animation

    Much more professional  I think you will agree.



  •  @NigelScott, Interesting. I am not sure if I like the shorter line or a longer lines. Either way, however, you can make it exactly the way you want quickly and easily by simply key framing the Motion Persistence. Great job!

    Another idea... If you only are making straight lines, using a Lightning Effect (modified to be straight of course) and animating the Growth Property would work very well also.

  • @FilmSensei

    I may need some longer straight lines at some point so I will have a look at the lighting effect soon. What this has taught me though is once you have set all the various parameters (which can be an awful lot) you can save that as a template composite that can be used over and over in various other projects.  Saves having to start from scratch each time. 

    Thanks again for your help. I feel I have made real progress with Hitfilm today.


  • @NigelScott, Glad to hear it and good luck from here!

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