Starter pack not fully inclusive in latest version of Express

Hi everyone,

A while back I bought the starter pack and it worked fine until this last hitfilm express upgrade. Not I can't add text without a watermark. I had all these features before they broke out the starter packs. Does anyone know how to get the old functionality back?


  • The text tool is included and fully functional in every version of HitFilm, with no watermark ever. It is improved with quite a number of new options (and greater font compatibility) in the current version of HitFilm Express, but still retains all of its original functionality.

    The text effect is only available in the latest version of the add-on packs, and did not exist for earlier versions of the software. If you want to use the text effect without a watermark, then you can purchase the Edit: Starter pack to activate the effect.

  • To expand a little on what @AxelWilkinson writes, of you have the Starter Pack from Hitfilm Express 4 or 2017 you have all the individual EFFECTS that were in the old packs. However, with Hitfilm Express 10 and later (May 2018 on) the contents of the packs have shuffled, so you won't be showing the NEW Starter Pack as purchased, since it's got different effects in it. 

    I don't know if having an effect from "Old pack X" gets a discount on "New Pack X" if you have some of the New Pack's effects from the Old Pack. 

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    @Triem23 It did get a little confusing after the rearrangement of the Express Add-on packs. For instance: I already have 3 of the 4 effects in the new VFX:Neon Lights Pack via other packs. The only one I don't have from that set is Neon Path, but it's not a cheap pack; so not worth getting for just that one effect.

    I suspect others may have similar combinations of effects that make some packs less financially attractive than others.

  • "I suspect others may have similar combinations of effects that make some packs less financially attractive than others" 

    I agree. recently I bought 30$ on 3 packs for  3 effects (shatter, flicker, projector), wanted to buy more, except  it was racking up too fast for my pocket.

    As I have said before I (and probably some other express users) REALLY would like the option to buy single  effects.

    Just more wishful thinking 

  • @LiamMcM1 well, I was thinking more of  pro rata payment to be able to align older pack contents with new packs. So if you already have 3 of the 4 from before the change: pay 1/4 to get the last effect?

    Individual effects would be too fiddly and is pretty close to what it works like now anyway.

  • I have Hitfilm Version 11.0.8319.47197, purchased the starter pack and I have the same problem as stuartbankey. The white 'Text' stay in the middle of the video, even after exporting.

  • @Arabier Double-check your account — and the startup screen inside HitFilm Express — to make sure the Starter Pack is active. If it's an activation issue, you'll need to contact Support.

    If it appears to be activated, could you do a screen capture showing the steps you're taking to add text, or perhaps share the link to an exported video showing the problem? 

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