How do I stop my clip rotating at the end?

Hi guys. So, I have a weird problem. I've transformed a clip to be in the corner of another clip, but when the transformed clip ends, it sort of shrinks then rotates about 180 degrees, how do I stop this from happening?


  • While you didn't provide precise details about the keyframes on your transformed clip, my guess is that you have three keyframes: one at the start of the comp (assuming you're doing this in a composite shot) with the clip at its original position (keyframe 1), one when it reaches its new position (keyframe 2), and another one later echoing that new position (keyframe 3). When you have a keyframe surrounded on both sides by other keyframes, the default movement behavior will be to modify the values on either side for a smooth transition through that keyframe. If all you want is for the clip to go from Point A to Point B, though, just stick with two keyframes.

    If that's not what's happening in your situation, then please provide more details. If you're able to export the comp and post it as an unlisted video on YouTube, add the link to your reply and it will auto-embed when viewed. The more information we have about the problem, the easier it will be to help find a solution. :)

  • Hey, kind of forgot I posted this. But yeah, it was my fault. I ended up fixing it

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