Cant find recent tutorial

I cant seem to find a recent fxhome tutorial where they were outlining objects in white like they do in video games to show an item is clickable.

Typical I now want to do that effect in a tutorial of my own and I'm flummoxed as to where it is.


  • That's the one.

    Man shows you how memory can play tricks on you, I thought that was posted like 4-5 weeks ago. Probably I discovered looking for something else and got the two mixed up.

    Thanks for your using your time for me again.

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    Note that at 3m20s when Javert simply says "Create a Point and Track the shot..." He neglected to mention the rather crucial point that you need to do a Double Point track and then Apply: Position, Scale and Rotation to the Transform properties of the Point.

    Otherwise it won't look anything like the result in the video and the mask outline will not fit the bottle for more than a single frame.

    When asked in the comments how to track the point, the reply was: "Basic motion tracking. Tutorials already exist for it."  Helpful...?

  • "Basic motion tracking. Tutorials already exist for it."

    It's a legit response. Part of the impetus for the Hit-U tutorials was being tired of answering the same questions over and over again, and the YouTube search string "Hitfilm Motion Tracking Tutorial l" is pretty simple to figure out.

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     @Triem23 No it isn't. It was a dismissive, unhelpful response every time he cut'n'pasted it into those asking in the comments. Because if you follow both what you are told and shown: it simply doesn't work.

    All he had to say was: "Oops, I used DOUBLE point tracking, or your text and mask falls off the object you tracked."

    This was not an example of: "Give people a generic example they should experiment with and adapt to their own circumstances, rather than slavishly copying the tutorial." this was: "Follow the instructions and still be incapable of producing the result shown in the video, no matter how many times you go back and watch it again."

    Maybe it was rushed and the edit was too tight, and it was only on his own channel, so who really cares?

    For any Hitfilm official tutorials there are presumably more eyes to check things to avoid similar mistakes.

  • Learning lots on this video, set mat was cool.

    However I have hit a snag. Mask path. I am not getting it to move.

    I select the mask with subtract. Open the transform inside the mask. click path keyframe and it places a constant.

    I move along time frame, move the mask, create another keyframe and nothing happens. It just stays where I placed it.

    Any Ideas?

  • Masking in Hitfilm changed a few versions ago. Try this tutorial.

  •   Cheers, but I think I am doing what he says and it does nothing, he also doesn't show how he created the path points.

    I will look at animation later to see if that helps. 

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    @iDatus it was 'improved', so now you have to turn on Keyframes for all the attributes: Rotate, Scale, Position, Path etc. for a Mask Shape, or you'll spend ages moving things to find it's forgotten half of what you did on playback.

    But, point selection was improved, so swings and roundabouts.

  • Sounds crap.

    I just use position and do it manually.

    Not even sure what path is as it sounds to same to me.

    Thanks for reply.

  • @iDatus If masking something that stays the same shape you shouldn't have to move anything manually. DOUBLE point tracking is what Javert used, but didn't mention. It will copy Scale, Position and Rotation once you align your mask with the first frame.

  • Shiny Films did a very nice, in depth tracking tutorial a few years back (in HitFilm 4 to be exact) that would be good to watch if you need to learn the ins and outs of tracking in HitFilm. It is an old tutorial, but everything still applies.

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