Composite Shot - Path function problem [Resolved]

edited December 2018 in HitFilm Express Support

New user going through "The Basics" playlist on their YouTube channel and got stuck at 6:37 on this video. The second keyframe "box" never shows up in the "Path" line for me after moving the Ellipse Mask. I restarted the program and repeated the steps 3x but it still doesn't show up and prevents the composite shot from playing correctly. Any idea why this would happen?


  • The way that masks operate has changed since that tutorial was created. Moving the mask as an entire unit with the selection tool now changes its Position property values. If you want to record changes to the shape of the mask made by moving its points, that's when you would set keyframes on the Path property.

    Anyway, to follow that part of the tutorial, click the circle next to Position, not Path, and you should see the other keyframes appear when using the selection tool to move the mask.

  • That worked, thank you!

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