Auto Export

I know the export Q is for doing lots at the same time and you can do it whilst you wort great.


Is there a way to create and export for the Q and it to auto export so I can carry on working without me going to the export tab and say "start Exporting"?


  • Not currently. Sounds like a good suggestion for the wishlist.

  • Cheers will add to it.

    They need a non production line person like me to work on the interface. For cash obviously.

  • Probably the best Implementation would be a "Fast Export: Content/In-Out" Option as a right-click option on the Export Button. This would immediately render to whatever the default profile is set to. 

  • Its just needs an option in the main options/export options to say stack or immediate.

    There's plenty others there. 

  • @iDatus don't get your hopes up. There are dozens of things that could benefit from a simple option, but asking has so far not produced them. Ask in the Wishlist, though. Yours might be the voice that tips the scales.

  • Yep I posted in the wishlist that Clever Tagline nicely pointed me.

    If I had to look for it probably would have not bothered.

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