I can't get a serial code

I'm using free version of HitFilm Express I already have it downloaded and I can not get a serial code to export my video. I followed the instructions of most of the help forums and user guides I could find on the site none of them worked. So if you could help me get a code it would be very much appreciated. 


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     @noahb5556 ; While you are logged into your account to read and post in the forum go up to the word Account at the top right in the black bar.  Click on it and under the second section labeled Software will be the serial codes for all properly activated software from FxHome.  When you installed your copy of Express you did use the same email address that you used to create your Forum account, right?  It is all linked to that email.  Hope this gets you sorted out.

    PS: If you installed with a different email then you need to log in to check your account using the new email.

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