Unable to use the play button

Hello community, when I click on the play button, my video doesn't work. Instead I have to click on the preview button. However, the preview button is very slow and I cannot accurately make the right adjustments. 


  • Do you have speakers or headphones plugged into your computer? HitFilm preview play will not work without an active audio output source.

  • The volume is all the way up, and when I click the play/pause button my video will not play. But if i click on the preview button, the video does play but in slow motion. 

  • @FXhomer102421 The preview button builds a RAM preview for your current composite shot. It's not playing, it's generating each frame so that it can then play them back in real-time once it's finished.

  • Ok thank you, I noticed after restarting my computer the play/pause button works and after a while it stops working so I have to restart the computer again. Is there a way to make Hitfilm work faster and not lag? Maybe I can do some clean up in my computer? 

  • What are your system specs  CPU, GPU  OS RAM and storage? 

    What is the source video? Dslr footage,  GoPro, screen capture, phone/tablet? What types of transitions and effects are you using? 

  • On my laptop it says the processor is an Intel Core i5-6200U  CPU @ 2.3 GHz. 

    Ram =12GB

    GPU= Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 with a memory of 5.9GB

    The source of the video and pictures is from my phone. I'm combining pictures and video and adding text and using cross dissolve for my transitions.

  • Adjusting the Playback Settings will allow you to go back and forth from no lag to full effects. That's what they are for! Watch this video if you do not know how to work the Playback Settings...


  • @FXhomer102421 With your source material from your phone, you'll get much better performance if you transcode before editing. If you’re not familiar with transcoding, I strongly suggest watching this video by @Triem23 . It talks about why transcoding is important, and shows several ways to do it using various tools.


  • Thanks for all the tips. I'm not an expert in computers but I'm determined to learn from everyone. Will keep this discussion updated. 

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