IGTV--Exporting Vertical Vid

How do I export my edited vertical videos? I have the settings while editing appear to be showing properly but when I export it ends up with those black bars and no longer a vertical vid  Im sure its a setting im missing but I worked on this too long for what it is at this point to start over  ...lol Please help! 


  • Because you didn't specifically say this, I'm going to ask: did you create a custom export preset with the correct resolution for IG's vertical video?

  • I’m sure I didn’t lol.  I did a custom project setting with the custom dimensions but not export and unsure how or what needs to be done to set it.  Ty so much for any help

  • I tried using a couple diff of the presets but not sure which to use upon export that will work r


  • Unfortunately, I was unable to figure it out so I ended up using something on my phone   If anyone knows, please let me know so I can use my preferred editor on it   Ty 

  • You'll need to make a custom preset. All of the default presets are designed for landscape-oriented content.

    Here's an overview of the newest iteration of the export system. Fingers crossed, that will give you the info you need to make your own preset for IGTV:


  • Ty I will check that out tomorrow 

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