The Future of the MCU

Might only be of interest for people really into their Marvel.

I didn't go for the Mr Fantastic stretching arms in the end. He was going to get in between Banner and Wolverine. Unfortunately, the only way to do it was to film from slightly overhead which would have introduced a LOT of other characters doing chicken noises. I just didn't fancy animating 5 chicken imitating heroes for around 5 is too short 


  • *Sees a new @DafterThings video is up* Today is a good day!

    I think Wolverine doing the chicken moves and just having the noises of everyone else works just fine, and Banner's little attempted Hulk-out made me laugh :) Silver Surfer's "Galactus is coming" got a bit muffled because of the volume of the chicken noises...but everyone telling him to shut up and sit down was great!

    Oh and Venom's slime was utterly disgusting...I loved it.

    As always, great work! I'm going to see if we can start posting more community-made work on our social media channels...if I get the go-ahead, would you have any objections if we used this? We'll make sure you're tagged and credited of course! :) 



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    Thanks @GavinParker

    I'm more than happy for you to use anything you think might be worthy.

    For 'Galactus is coming' I knew I wanted to fade the chickens out sooner. Other than being lazy it didn't sound too bad on my PC speakers or PC headphones *other than* the sounds lasted a bit too long on the long shot.
    When I watched the video on TV the background noise interferes even more with the dialog.  This is on all parts with background noise.
    I am sure there is some science behind it (my TV bass is higher than my PC?) but it makes me think audio is a lottery.

  • @DafterThings, I really enjoyed it, and as with the last one: I'm starting to ignore the medium and appreciate the content.

    One other place audio was a bit unclear was when Picard was arguing with Magneto and the Gandalf/Dumbledore joke was nearly lost.

    I watch most YouTube videos at x2 Speed, so if you try that and can still hear everything clearly: Job done. :)

  • @Palacano

    Thank you so much.  
    The x2 suggestion is very interesting. I'll give it a go. 

  • I mentioned it in YouTube already, but this one had me laughing out loud! :D

    The jokes were really spot on, and the Masters of the Strip-a-verse a winner

  •  Ok @DafterThings, we're going to feature you on both our Facebook and Twitter platforms this evening, and then we'll be posting again on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled between 5pm & 6pm UK time today! :)

  • Blimey. That was quick and VERY exciting.

    It's much appreciated and a reason to get some fish & chips in.  


  • Sorry missed your post @rutxer

    TBH : I wasn't 100% sure about doing the club scene. I didn't know how to make it 'daft' until I remembered Skeletor and He-man had discussed the amount of work they were (not) getting in a previous video. I can't expect many (any?) people to connect the two videos but I just liked how it linked the worlds together 

    Does any of that make sense?

  • Very well done!!!

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    Thanks @BobDiMarzio . Much appreciated.

    @Gavinbarker thank you so much to you and fxhome for the mention. 
    For a low view channel it's really means a lot.
    What's been interesting (other than how resilient my refresh button is) has been the other videos receiving views. I have my own favourites and people seem to be skirting around them :-)
    Does this mean I have no understanding of my own videos???     

  • Haha! Fun piece. As @Palacono pointed out, it was a little tough to follow in a few places due to dialog clarity issues, but I still enjoyed it.

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    I do try to 'match' them in Hitfilm and before posting... then check them once posted with my PC speakers, PC headphones, tablet and phone. I have added TV to that list as well because it was difficult for me to hear on this device (I have old ears). It shouldn't be this hard though should it???   

    I'll try the x2 tip but also look to make more gap between my dialog and any other sounds.

  • Yeah, I think the biggest problem spots were due to levels being too similar between sound effects and dialog. There are also moments where most of a line is at a good volume, but then your voice dips quieter at the end, and sometimes it's hard to pick up what's said in those quiet moments (especially with competing sound effects). Audio compression of the dialog could help here, but a properly balanced mix is still important.

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