The pAckaGe II | Award Winning Short Action Film


  • nice!

    I love that shot around 0:42, where we see the guy walking away and then the shoes and trousers of the main guy following him.

    And of course the fight scene is amazing!


    One thing I will point out though - in the bit just before the fight, the dialogue is all only in the left channel, which sounds really weird when you listen with headphones

  • JMcAllister Thank you! Yeah sound is where am hurting atm since am doing everything myself, but I'll definitely try to fix that problem in future projects :)

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  • Nicely done! 

    But I will second issues with the sound.  Several place where the dialog is hard to hear.

    But wicked amazing fight sequence (as well as building suspense leading up to it).  Really want to know what happens next and what's on that jump drive/dongle.

  • Stargazer54 Thanks!!! Am working on more episodes 

    Yeah definitely, sound is one of the main things that am going to fix in the near future. 

  • Excellent. A nice build up for what, basically, is the hook : The fight scene. So well performed and choreographed.

    Can't comment too much on the sound as I try to avoid headphones. It seemed OK for me.

    Great job.

  • The fight choreography was phenomenal, and you shot it brilliantly! It was brisk, hard-hitting and most importantly easy to follow. I mentioned in a previous thread that I'm not a fan of shaky-cam quick-cutting, and you showcased why films like The Raid and The Night Comes For Us are so popular now. Your focus on the actors choreography and clever, smooth camera motion should definitely be applauded. 


    Also agree with @JMcAllister that the protagonists shoe walking into frame is a great shot!


    Can't wait to see the next episode :)

  • @eTiger the choreography was great and its edit superb.

    However, my favourite things were the framing, light and colors. Even those super-contrasty shots at the end of the fight scene and the contrast with the more even lit shots of the sillier character fit very well together.

    And did I mention great color grading also? 

  • Overall, I liked this. Nice flow to the overall story, though some of the specifics were tough to figure out because the dialog of the characters was hard to understand because of poor recording/mixing (not sure which is more to blame).  Excellent work with the action choreography and editing. Here again, though, audio was a problem. All of the punch/kick sound effects were too hot and overmodulated. The music during the closing credits was also overmodulated. Keep a close eye on your meters when mixing audio. Most meters have colored zones: green, yellow, and red.  In short, you never want peaks to go into the red.

  • DafterThings Thank you so much! 

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    GavinBarker Thank you!!! Glad you dig it!!! Got much more coming up. It's only gonna get better from here on out 

  • rutxer  Why thank you my good sir :) 

  • jsbarrett  Thanks! Always appreciate your constructive criticism :) Sadly I didn't get to use a mic/recorder. Everything is straight from the camera. Am looking on getting a boom operator for my next project though. 

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