Blackmagic eGPU

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I'm looking into beaf'n up me ole iMac. Looking at a Blackmagic eGPU. If I do purchase this will Hitfilm be able to access the Radeon Pro 580 over the NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M? It looks like you can force the iMac to use the video graphics processors by choice but not sure how Hitfilm would look at the two GFX devices.


  • Gonna tag in, oh, @CedricBonnier this time  just to switch it up, to make certain a dev sees the thread. 

  • +1 to this feature request :) Any update on if/when Radeon acceleration will come? I have a pretty solid macbook pro (3.1G i7, 16G of 2133Mhz Ram, Intel HD 630 built in graphics, and the Blackmagic eGPU), but compositing in hitfilm 13 is terribly slow.

  • @rocketmark - This thread is nearly a year old, AMD hardware decoding is being worked on, sadly I cannot give you an ETA at the moment as to when it will be released. Naturally when updates get released the software will notify you & if you aren't already do follow our social channels to keep up to date with news, product launches and videos.

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