Imerge tutorial suggestions

Hello beautiful denizens of the forums!

Our HitFilm tutorials have always been an immensely popular way for us to show off cool new features, allowed us to come up with fun ways to recreate VFX from your favorite movies and generally give you frameworks to build upon. And boy do you build on them! Part of the fun of making these tutorials is hearing back from many of you, excitedly showcasing how YOU made certain effects, discussing tweaks and improvements and generally just being absolutely brilliant!

Well with that in mind we're intending to work on a number of tutorials focusing solely on Imerge. Which brings us to the reason for this thread...we want to hear what YOU would like to see!

So to all of you that have used, are using or perhaps are thinking of using Imerge, what features would you like to see explained? Is there an aspect of the software you've never been confident to try out? Let us know! 


  • Nice👍

    Can we have the same for HF? YouTube comments are a poor way to request.

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