DOWNTOWN - Sony a6300 with Sigma 30mm f1.4

Hey guys! this is my latest edit shot around Newtown, Sydney on my new Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. Let me know what your thoughts and any feedback think down below :)


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    I've no real experience making this kind of video BUT it is well shot with some interesting transitions.

    What I'm not so sure of is what you're looking to show or tell me. I *thought* it was going to be your (?) journey from the start to somewhere special or significant to you. Who is the chap in the workman's jacket? Why is that shot used twice? What's the car and hanging baskets all about?

    Maybe :  Man walks along the suburb street -> Man meets a friend in the cafe -> He/They journey on the subway/underground -> They walk up the steps and emerge into the city -> The reason for going to the city and the significance to the man is revealed.

    In my view there is nothing wrong with the execution, it's just the content is lacking narrative or story.


  • I agree with @DafterThings. Your editing chops are solid from a technical standpoint, but it feels like this is more of a transition showcase than a story of your experience. At the end you ask people to subscribe, but you need to give them more of a reason than just nice transitions between nice-yet-seemingly-unrelated shots.

  • If the title of a film includes the camera used, I tend to be wary- while the shots are all pretty, they should have some story

  • It's a very well edited piece, with a really nice ebb and flow to it! Visually it's impressively consistent and I love some of the transitions. 100% agree with @jsbarrett and @DafterThings that this would have been even better with a bit of narrative, even something as simple as "my walk around downtown was transformed by the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens!" It gives us as the audience something to latch on to and gives you more room to mess around with effects and transitions etc.

    But even so, a really impressive-looking piece of work, thanks so much for sharing it! :)

  • @DafterThings Thanks for the feedback! As much as I wanted to tell a story it was more about finding shots that fit well together for transitions, as some logical sequences of shots worked cohesively as a narrative but didn't cut or look fluid next to each other. I guess I can try to plan out my shots beforehand but this video was shot extremely run and gun.

  • @jsbarrett yeah for my next edit I'll definitely try to focus a bit more on the narrative aspect. Although as mentioned above finding shots that fit well is the tricky part.

  • @Behind_The_Lens Thanks for watching! why do you find the inclusion of the camera name makes you feel that way?

  • @GavinBarker Thanks for the feedback! super helpful and definitely something I'll work on for the next one :)

  • @orangepeel don’t get me wrong- it’s a great piece visually- the transitions, the colors , etc.  But it’s the stuff I’ve seen many do on YouTube, which is not to take away from your obvious skill, but I think you could set yourself apart with some sort of narrative.

    the reason I tend to stay back from videos like that is because I feel like if the only way you can entice people is with the gear, and not with a title that intrests the audience, it’s more of a technical video than a quote film. Listen- I’m not pretending to be some great filmmaker either (I’m not)- but I’d just like to offer this (polite) constructive criticism.



  • Some nice transitions , what program did you use for them ?  Looks like some  commercial aftereffect presets ?

  • @Behind_The_Lens Yeah on youtube these days it's about finding what makes your channel different, so I'll strive to bring more of a narrative to my future vids :) And I do see your point about it being a technical video but my thought was it might help with youtube's search algorithms for people interested in Sony cameras or the Sigma lens. Do you reckon it's worth the tradeoff or if I should go for a more interesting title?

  • @Rogyrue all of the transitions were hand crafted in After effects using transform adjustment layers, motion tile, and speed ramping effects. I then combined and graded the final project in Hitfilm.

  • Maybe put the camera and lens info in the description and tags?

  • @orangepeel to me it's actually a great showcase of B-roll and transitions, really great stuff to support something else that would be the story thread, which could even be your thoughts on your new lens.

    Technically very well done, I got quite a few ideas that I'd love to try!

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