Feature Request: Add as Filter in Photoshop CC?

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My Photokey filter selection wasn't updated in CC2018, and there doesn't appear to be a discussion about adding Imerge Pro as a filter in Photoshop CC2018 (or 2019).  Is there an easy way to do this?  I've added it as an External Editor in Lightroom CC.


  • rikkiloadesrikkiloades Staff
    edited October 2018

    Hey @FXhomer264824. Thanks for your feedback. Imerge Pro cannot act as a plugin/filter in Photoshop. We will add it to the wishlist for you and consider it when planning future releases.

    For now, the simplest solution is to export your image from Photoshop - try using TIFF or something which has lossless compression. Then edit in Imerge and export as TIFF or PNG and open back up in Photoshop. I do appreciate this workflow isn't ideal but it will work.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @rikkiloades I think you have a typo above. @FxHomer264824 I believe Rikki meant exporting in formats that HAVE lossless compression (i.e. PNG/TIFF). 

  • @Triem23 absolutely correct. Thanks for spotting that. It should be lossless for best results. Edited post to make it accurate.  

  • You can edit these photoshop png images.

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