How to add trimmer back in screen?

Sorry if I'm not being specific enough since I'm a newbie to hit film. But I accidentally removed the trimmer as one of the tabs along with the controls and effects. Can anyone help me bring it back?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    9:40 in this video

  • In the Workspaces menu, you can either select a workspace that includes the Trimmer (such as Editing), or just enable the Trimmer panel by clicking its toggle. Which is what is explained in Triem23's video link above.

  • what if im in hitfilm 12?

  • Go to View at the upper left, Panels, select Trimmer.   Or, as stated above, go to View, Workspaces and select Editing. 

    Note, under View there is also Save Workspace and Reset Workspace.   If you customize your layout and want to keep it, go to Save Workspace, give it a name and your new workspace will appear in the list.

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