How to set unique in Imerge pro?

When I work many pictures same time, how to set unique or global the pictures attribution?


  • I believe that this feature is one of the documented missing features if coming from photokey 8

  • Hello @Dartarus. Uniquing is not available in Imerge Pro and documented here:

    If you need that feature you may be able to work around it in some cases by putting images on separate layers and toggling visibility of the layers to show just the one you want at any point in time. However in automated workflows this won't work and PhotoKey is still available for those scenarios.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @rikkiloades that said, since FXHOME has basically announced Photokey is now end-of-life, can users migrating from Photokey hope a similar function will be implemented in Imerge at a future date? I know generally FXHOME doesn't comment on future features, but, specifically for the Photokey users considering migrating over this might be a time to make a couple of exceptions.

  • rikkiloadesrikkiloades Staff
    edited October 2018

    @Triem23. Unfortunately we cannot comment at this time on whether this feature will be coming and when. What I can say is its seriously being considered and reviewed.

    However, it does have a few challenges standing in its way in addition to the usual ones around R&D heavy work:

    1. The design and implementation of it is much harder and more complex in Imerge given the flexibility it has over PhotoKey.
    2. It is competing for limited resource against other features which are also very important. The list of features and improvements is very large with it being a version 1 product. Users telling us this is important to them will factor into our prioritisation when planning each release.
    3. The implementation of it conflicts with other features. We need to resolve and ensure other important future features are not made impossible because of it.

    Essentially, the feature in the context of Imerge is very early in its life. It needs to grow a bit, prove itself and conflicts with other features resolved.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @rikkiloades very well explained, thank you.

  • @rikkiloades thank you for the information.
    I wait for the newer versions patiently.

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