Mallorca by drone

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Some footage i captured during a holiday in mallorca . Found it hard to fly in the blazing sun even with screen covers the reflections where  bad. Almost lost the drone on the mountain shot, lost signal for 7 minutes but live to fly another day. Had fun with Hitfilm in the edit as always :)

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  • @Rogyrue ; Loved it!  I can only vicariously see the beautiful sites you show with your drone but this was quite stunning and I loved the way the music fit perfectly at around 2:40 on the Misson? building at the top of the mountain as the camera drifted up to reveal the valley behind it.

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    @Rogyrue adjusting the EXP curve on your yaw controls, or practicing turning a lot more slowly would produce smoother results.

    Also the strange banding on the sea looks like you may have exported at too low a bitrate and Hitfilm has removed nearly all the gradient from the sea while trying to keep the detail in the mountains within that bitrate.

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    I am sorry but  it's not good.

    The most important -it is very bornig, takes are waaaaay to long - how long can we look  at the moutain where nothing happens? Few seconds max.

    Also you shouldn't change grading, whole clip shoud have one color correction to look as a coherent whole.

    And those transitions like gate opening don't fit here at all. Try using zooming with motion blur - would be much better. Example: try it to match the music in 3:02-3:04. Nice look guaranteed :)

    Titling - main color in the clip is blue and you put red title at the beginning - changing it to blue would better match the video. And try to put them with the first foggy take, not on the black background (first appear moutain in the fog and then the title. And after a while the title dissappears and the fog after few frames).

    Best regards :)

  • tddavis @Palacono

    Thanks for the feedback tddavis  and Palacono your correct regarding the EXP curve , i need to look in to this for future , and your correct about the sea i will try and export it again at a higher bit rate , i would have thought the bit rate on the default youtube 1080  setting would be enough .

    Gelqone thanks for the feedback , each to their own  and all that .But if your attention span cant be held for a 10 second climb up to a church on a mountain  with a stunning backdrop then your not my target audience  :) .  But thanks for your thoughts :)




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    You misunderstood me. I love beautiful views and kind of place you have shown us, i have seen outstanding places in my life and i love sightseeing. But remember one thing in making that kind of movies - when you see something for yourself it is much more attractive to you than to a person who hasn't seen it and hasn't felt the place on his own skin and that is why for others usually this type of video won't be as attractive as you see it. Because they don't feel your emotions while being there. And this should lead any filmmaker to watch out with takes length. A video is good when a spectator while watching it has a feeling "i want to see more", not "ok, nice, but go next".

    Your video is nice with great place but i see several ways to show it in more attractive and coherent style which i tried to tell you, that's all :)

    Wish you the best :)

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    I just remembered I suggested you turn down the yaw a lot back in May after you filmed Bamburgh Castle. You'd have been used to it and be producing better videos by now if you had. Turn it down and get the practice in on anticipating your turns. Jerkity, jerk, jerk is uncomfortable to watch.

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    Gelqone I agree with some of what you say but like all forms of film and art etc , its subjective and what appeals to you may well not appeal to others etc .I just happen to like drawn out approaches :)


    @Palacono ; I did indeed change the yaw settings after that last video i think your being a bit dramatic regarding the odd camera angle change . Just a question for you .Do you have any experience of doing sweeping pan shots with drones  ? while traveling at about 30mph at a high altitude with wind ? Its not to simple as lowering sensitivity .

    Its not easy to go slow with the mavic while doing a sweeping pan of a LARGE surface area  even with low settings and point of interest enabled . If you go to slow your on a limited battery and your pan shot takes so long people lose interest, you could speed it up in the edit but often it looks bad. Now if i was professional could have took the time to plan the whole flight  and wait for the wright conditions it could be better.

    But as a guy on holiday with his wife waiting bored in the car and very difficult flying conditions I managed to get some nice shots. You should head over to the DJI drone forums and share your knowledge there with experienced drone users  . As i mentioned if you can post me some links  to your cinematography ? that would be great thanks .


  • Yes, I fly drones professionally, as I mentioned before when you posted your Tyne River video.  I occasionally sell clips as stock footage, something you could do with practice. You can speed up a smooth pan because it will still flow perfectly; jerkiness just becomes more apparent. I haven't posted on the DJI drone forums for a while other than to report bugs in the hardware and software to DJI; nothing to be gained by posting videos here or there when I'm being paid to post them elsewhere.

    The Mavic is known for being really very good in winds due to the slim profile, so I'm surprised you had issues with that, so maybe it was the combination of that and thinner air that was the cause. But it wasn't just "the odd camera angle change" I noticed; the Pollenca section at 1:15 onwards had several in quick succession. Admittedly, I'm more likely to notice because I'm used to looking for flaws in my own footage, but you can still smooth some of them out in post with stabilisation software. Or even using Hitfilm's point stabilisation on a contrasting section of rock and a small bit of zoom to hide the moving edges.

    If it was the aircraft and not you making changes to the controls and it still does that in less windy conditions, perhaps try running some calibration cycles. 

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    Thanks for the advice i will keep it in mind. Guess i am looking at it from the eyes of a hobbie user. I pick up the drone once every few months i just go out and shoot some thing i have in mind and forget the  good advice i have been given , i do see the flaws you see and kick my self for not taking the time to calibrate and plan more before a flight  . I got a load of footage from the south of  France and Alnwick castle full pans and  twitches i have yet to edit :).

    If i was doing it as a profession i would be bothered by the flaws you picked up on and look to fix them and take the time to practice and perfect the art.I will take the time to learn about stabilization techniques in the edit and work on my pans . I still be interested in seeing some of your work if you care to share

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    I done a fresh and last  edit . Tried the tracking and stabilization methods on the church pan. Looks smoother but had to zoom in to keep it in frame and that caused it to  lose some of the shot. Need to spend some time getting to know mocha better.

  • Better :) Still few things to improve but much better now :)

  • I like the new edit- much faster, better transitions. Cool fog in the begging. The only thing I would say is that at about 1:33, the grade changes very suddenly to a green tint. In fact, I think you could cut down the video even more by cutting at the little beat rise at 1:33, and immediately going to the orbit shot at 1:53.

  • Behind_The_Lens 

    Thanks for the feedback and your correct about the grade change , I did a edit and took them out. Sure that's my last tinker with this edit and footage

  • I love this!

    The fog effect in the beginning was great and it didn't feel like it slowed down or sagged at all around the middle portion. When footage is made up entirely of drone-filmed material it can sometimes get a little tiring, but nothing of the sort happened here!

    I think I'm a little bit partial to sweeping drone shots, but I was actually in Mallorca 3 weeks ago! So this put a massive smile on my face and gave me a big ol' case of the wistfuls, so thank you! :) Also that Monastery on top of the mountain is beautiful, but killed me to climb up to ;)


  • @GavinBarker

    Thanks for the positive feedback Gavin , It was so hot on the day i flew up to the Monastery , i took one look and thought Nope  , the drone can take its chances up there but not me . Like to go back again and climb up  when its cooler , views look great from up there .

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