Changing media files in composite shot


I have an interview consisting of 10 different video files, all with the same talent with the same lighting in front of the same green screen.

It is tedious to create 10 composite shots in which the only difference is the .MP4 source, and you have to start over and over again to recreate the same effects ten times over.

It would be very helpful if one could simply duplicate the composite shot and only change the video source for the duplicate.

I have not found the way to achieve this. How can I do this?



  • I have thought the same after copying effects from one video to another. 
    Now I save the  effects out as a custom preset and apply that preset to new videos.

    Would this do what you're after?


  • Thank you for this suggestion. I assume this will do the trick, as soon as I find out how to save effects as a custom preset

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    I make what I call  a "Dropzone" - Something I picked up from Motion  

    Comp 1 - ALL videos

    Comp 2  - Effects

    Add Comp 1 to Comp 2

    In Comp 1 just turn off all videos except for the one you want.

    Render, Repeat with new video.

    If I remember Javert did something similar with his chromatic aberration template?

  • @1337W4nX0r Add all the effects you want to one of your video layers in a composite shot, adjusting the effect properties as needed. Once everything looks good,  select all of the effects, right-click, then choose "Create Preset." A dialog will appear that allows you to choose where to save this preset.

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