Star Trek Soft Glow

I want to emulate the Star Trek Original Series soft glow often given to Kirk and his (usually) blue-skinned  lady friends.

What would be your recommendation?


  • Have any visual reference? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.

  • @jsbarrett I think he's referring to those lovely ,soft close ups.

    @DafterThings that effect is a practical  Basically you stretch a stocking (or get a "net filter" for your camera) across your lens.

    I think Film Riot discussed the technique in this video.

    In post you can try the "Diffuse" filter, which is kinda, sorta supposed to get the same look. 

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    Super. thanks.

    Yep it's those soft focus close-ups

    I did get it in Hitfilm messing about a few weeks ago.  Of course I didn't save it and now can't find out how I did it. I'll look at diffuse.

    <edit> OK it sort of worked with Kirk but worked well with 'The Admiral's Daughter'.
    It's good enough for me 

  • Another way to do it in post is to duplicate the layer, add Blur to the top copy, and set the top copy's blend mode to Screen. Adjust the top copy's blur amount and Opacity property to your liking. I learned this trick with photo editing many years ago. It definitely makes things brighter, so go easy with it.

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