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  • @FXhomer65377 ;  This is an old thread.  Many developments have happened with the software since then so replying here probably will be of little use.  Best thing is to start a new thread with your question.

    @TheBenNorris might want to close this one.

  • @SamuelMorris this is your domain, I will allow you to make whatever change you deem necessary,

  • SamuelMorrisSamuelMorris Staff
    edited December 2019

    Hi @FXhomer65377, am I right in assuming you are talking about Chroma Key? If so, and you aren't getting a clean key, try setting the method (on the "basic" tab) to manual and using the color picker to manually select the key color (often you want to select a color on the green screen very close to the subject). Then on the "refine key" tab you can often do quite a lot with the sensitivity and hue range sliders, before moving onto the clip background/foreground sliders. It may also be worth putting a rough vector mask around your subject so you don't have to worry about as much of the green screen/any other objects in the shot.

    Edit: I don't have a problem with leaving this thread open for now, but yeah it is easier for us if people create their own threads.

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