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Hi guys, only just now starting to dabble in Environment Maps/Backgrounds etc. I've done a few test shots, and the wrap around thing works great. However, I notice the maps are just a tad on the blurry side. Obviously because they are being stretched inside a sphere. But is there a way to make it clearer......ie -  perhaps a suggestion on what the best aspect ratio is, size, number of pixels etc is?

I'm more than happy with the results I am getting....but just thought I'd ask the question anyway as I am still very much a novice.....thanks :)


  • Novice? *cough* Given the sheer amount of content you've done and the advanced techniques you've already done, like full virtual sets with moving cameras, you're no novice  you're just moving into new techniques  Paul. ;) 

    Remind us which version of Hitfilm you're on? You stayed with Ultimate 2 for years. If memory serves I think you upgraded to Hitfilm 2017? 

    Unfortunately the only way to increase the resolution of an Environment Map plate is to increase the resolution of the Environment Map plate. This will depend on your hardware and Hitfilm version. Hitfilm 1-4 are limited to 4k, Hitfilm 2017+ can go to 8k. However, this is limited by your hardware. You need a GPU with 2GB VRAM to make a 4K Composite and 4GB VRAM for an 8k Composite. Hitfilm will auto-scale imoorted media based on GPU, so you could create a 16k wrap in GIMP, but on a GPU with 4k the image would downsample to 4k on import to Hitfilm.

    Otherwise 360-degree video is usually a 2:1 aspect ratio  so that's probably the best for Environment Wraps (which are, basically, 360-degree video). So 8192x4096.

    Go as big as Hitfilm lets you. 

  • Hey thanks mate! :) And yes......still have Hitfilm Ultimate 2 at the moment until I upgrade my PC. I think I take too many overseas trips, this is why I can't afford one yet......haha!

    But the info you gave me is great! As I slowly delve into more and more features of Hitfilm, I slowly get more and more incentive to upgrade everything :). As you've probably figured out, the more I use it, the more I am wanting to evolve and move upwards. All fun stuff! :)

    Anyway, as I said earlier, the Environment Map I made for my next little film looked okay, so happy with that so far!

  • That's the test you just uploaded on Facebook, yes? Pretty good, so far, but (to my eye) the camera zoom you're using is to wide, OR, you need to add a Fisheye/Action Camera distortion over the top. Really wide lenses (anything under about 18mm in 35mm full-frame equivalent) are going to have that curved fisheye distortion. Your Hitfilm camera's lens settings look a out as wide as a 14mm lens, but doesn't have the fisheye distortion. That's what's giving the game away that it's an effects shot. Either a tighter Hitfilm Camera (higher zoom value) or the fisheye distortion will fix this shot. Your choice.

    But take a look at about any GoPro footage out there vs that first-person, too wide computer game look and you'll instantly see what I mean.

    Helicopters... Is Invasion returning to  Earth, or is this a totally different story?

  • Yup...that's it :) And yes.....still experimenting with camera zooms etc. Can't believe I have left it this long before I looked into Environment Maps!

    Ha...and as for the movie.....this one is a comedy/fantasy......but shall have several genres inside of it.....Musical, Western, Horror, Action/Super Hero....and Sci-Fi.

    Thanks again for the tips & tricks.....I'm onto it! :)

  • I'd been using 6000x3000 but still looked funky. Goes to show you if you hang out long enough valuable tid bits fall from the sky...8192x4096....I should have tried that.....

  • Thanks GrayMotion! Yes....shall spend the entire evening experimenting with it all. At the end of the day, it's always fun :)

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