Automating Other Parameters based off Audio?

I was wondering if there's a way to automate other parameters like scale or blur with audio aside from just the visualizer and atomic particles?


  • Nope.

  •  I bought the addon, hoping the same for automating opacity of a layer with the audio..

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    @3Demian that you can do. Set up your Atomic Particles with zero Displacement or dispersal with enough particles large enough to fill the frame, then set up the Atomic Particles so music effects particle opacity. Put a black plane underneath. That will basically adjust brightness of the layer to audio. 

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    @Triem23 Thanks for the kind reply. That is what I ended up using, but when the image fades, the grid of particles (max 1024x1024) is also slightly showing through. Maybe I have to tweak particle size some more. But that aside, you can do amazing things with this addon! I am going to play on!

  • @3Demian what you could try instead (although it's a bit more complicated) is:

    -instead of applying atomic particles to your image directly, apply it to a white plane.

    -Then use a Mosaic effect (set to 1x1) to make it all one colour

    -Use Crush Blacks & Whites Alpha effect to make sure that the bits that should be fully opaque are fully opaque

    -Now either put it all in its own composite shot, or put it under a grade layer

    -Add Set Matte effect to your image, and set the source layer to either the grade layer (if you used a grade layer) or the new composite shot (if you used an embedded comp) and now by using the audio to automate the opacity of the atomic particles, you can also automate the opacity of your image but without seeing the particles themselves.


    You can also use this technique (or variations of it) to control many other effects, including the Lens Blur effect

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    @JMcAllister Yes! Genius! It took me a while, but I've got it to work! That's a proper hack :) I like it. Now I hope @Melefono can somehow work out the blur also..

    To get it to work for me, I had to put the Crush Black & Whites Alpha effect (both Transparent and Opaque set to 1.00) on the composite shot of the white plane itself, instead of inside the comp. the other effects atomic Particle and Mosaic, as well as the audioclip, I kept within the comp of the white plane.
    Set Matte effect (on the image) set to: Matte Source > Alpha, and Blend > Replace
    Hope this clarifies.

    Thanks alot!

  • +1 to the ability to apply audio to other parameters. :)

    I like the ideas discussed here, solves some challenges for me, thanks!

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