Push Transition Preset ?

Hi! I've figured out how to create a Drop Shadow preset I use to outline graphics displayed over my video.

I'd like to have these graphics Push in left-to-right and then Push out in the opposite direction. The Push transition defaults to left-to-right, which means each time I want to Push out right-to-left, I have to add the transition and then manually change the direction.

I can't find a way to create a preset from the Push transition so I don't have to manually change the direction

Is this possible?





  • Transition presets are currently not possible, though it couldn't hurt to ask for them in the wishlist thread.

  • @woohooligan ; You might be able to create a "placeholder" comp that has the transition sandwiched between say two plane or a even two video files and save it as a comp.  Then when you want to use it you would import the comp and go into it and replace the planes or video files with the ones in your new project and the transition would be there too.  Just a though...Hope it helps some until or if this gets update.

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