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Hi guys

I am just starting of using this amazing software and loving the ease of it all. I am finding going through the media to find the right start time and forwarding and reminding hard to get the right position. Is there any mice, keyboards or anything like that that you can suggest that I could use?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I use a Countour Shuttle Pro (although a Shuttle Express works as well) 

    Both devices give you a Jog/Shuttle wheel designed specifically for scrolling footage (Heck that's the entire purpose of it), as well as several programmable hotkeys for keyboard shortcuts. There's no official Hitfilm template so you'll have to program the wheel yourself, but that takes a couple of minutes (Shuttle right=L, Shuttle Left=J, Shuttle center position =K, Frame advance= .  And ,) 


    You can look at any of a variety of MMO mice with hotkeys. If you find a mouse with sideways movement on the center wheel (razer Naga as one example) I have J and L assigned to the side clicks.

    Other users might have other advice but the Shuttle Pro is the best editing accessory I've ever owned. My first Shuttle Pro died after a decade of abuse and my replacement arrived yesterday. 

    A shuttle/jog wheel is the most useful hardware tool for scrolling media. I use the Shuttle Pro because I use laptops, but a desktop owner could look at the Bella keyboards that have a shuttle/jog wheel built-in. The only caveat is those come color/cap coded for premiere or final cut. 


    Hope this helps. 

  • I know its an old thread...

    However, I use X-keys XK-68 Jog & Shuttle https://xkeys.com/xk68jsh.html

    I only have the basics set up on it but it has sped up my editing time 10 fold...

  • Hi buddy, would you mind sharing what you went with finally?



    Connie R. Lawson

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