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Hi All,

Me and my brother are gonna be putting out a lot more content over the next few months... hopefully. So thought I'd start a discussion for our content for us to share with you guys. I made the video below and would love your thoughts on it. I plan to make more but upload to the Marshall Bros. Productions YouTube channel rather than my own going forward.

Edit: I should add we’ll be putting new short films up soon as that’s the main thing we do.


  • Hi All, we released a trailer and a short film at the weekend. Wouldn’t usually release things so close but due to the dates we had no choice

     First one was a trailer we made some time ago. It was my rosters project and he too, forever to get round to editing it (a year)

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    Second is a short movie we made for a friends wedding. It was played as part of the Best man’s speech. Can u guess what the grooms favourite film is?

  • This works really well as a skit and is performed really well. As part of a Best Man's speech it should go down a storm.

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    Nice! It's a pretty good starting joke, was performed well and you did a fairly solid job of framing the shots in a way close to Rocky. I'm sure that was one of the highlights of the wedding! Certainly memorable! Certainly more interesting than the "Love Story" montages (Husband and wife talking about why they love each other and stuff) for ten minutes I always end up having to do.

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    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the kind words. We weren’t at the wedding but I was told it got a rapturous applause. We’ve had a lot of feedback on Facebook too and it’s gone down really well. The highlight for me was tweeting it to Ryan Connolly of Film Riot and him him saying “I dug it, really fun”. Certainly charged me up for more projects. Thanks again guys

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    Fun piece! +1 to the comments above, though truth be told I can't comment on how closely it matches any of the original films because I haven't seen them. :blush:

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    Thanks @jsbarett. As long as you had fun watching it thats all that matters


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    Hi all,

    I’ve been away a while but finally back and have just released the first of 3 films that I’ll be releasing this year. So thought I’d share with you. Would love for you all to watch and hopefully enjoy it.





  • I really like it.

    Really charming and really well acted. I like the 'trip... and keep walking' approach the best 

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    Thanks @DafterThings. Always appreciate that u take the time to watch and comment on my films 🙏. Glad u enjoyed it.

  • Hi all, 

    We made a 1min (ish) short film I wanted to share with you all.

    VFX and Titles were all created in Hitfilm

  • Very cool. Titles are great. Concept great. The kid is great, but the grown up ....  Heh!:-)

  • Thanks @DataDesign... that’s my brother... he really doesn’t want to be on camera anymore but we didn’t have anyone else.. unfortunately 😂 thanks for watching 🙏

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    Hahaha! Great joke, and really well put together. 

    Minor note - it's time to redo your channel logo. You've improved a lot with your videos and your channel deserves a better logo than the built-in Shockwave and plain text. Your Shablam logo shows you can make a really great logo now. 

    I can't fault Ethan for not wanting to be on camera, but, if you tell him how much we enjoy him, maybe he'll change his mind again. 👍😁

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    Thanks @Triem23... I think I’ve confused u here. Steven is my brother (the adult) who doesn’t want to be on camera. It was his idea and he Directs mostly now. Ethan is my son and he loved it... he’s literally  just asked me when are we gonna do something else 😂

    Regarding the logo my cousin mentioned this to me a month or two ago. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and he asked if he could create one. He just needs time to finish it up (he’s very busy) but hopefully have that soon. I’m actually using a much simpler logo on my next film as I think it suits it better but new one will be used after that 😉

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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    Apologies for the confusion. my bad. OK, tell Steven we enjoy him?

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    No worries and thanks again @Triem23 I think he’ll appreciate that. I forgot to say aswell that this is the first time I used the Boris Text effects. Won’t be the last 😁. They’re great

  •  Hi all. Today we’ve finally released our sci-fi short film we started back in March 2018. I don’t wanna say much about it as I don’t wanna spoil anything but hope u can all give it a watch and enjoy what we’ve done

  • I loved it. 
    Just because I am lazy I'll copy/paste comments here...
    Excellent. Really well produced and acted. Very good story as well which makes me want to see more. Great music... maybe a little too Blade Runnery in places not to give the game away. I understand a lot of the colouring choices but it would have been a nice rest for the eyes if a couple of scenes were more normal. The effects all worked really well also.

  • Haha no worries @DafterThings. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Always try to take these things on board and try to improve the next one.

  • All stars on my end.

    My only gripe gripe is the intensity of the color which can be a huge strain for extended viewing:

    Just as light naturally varies from one scene to the scene, so should the intensity of the grading itself.

    I would advise getting comfortable with handheld shots. Takes a lot of practice and Ninja-Walk training, but in scenes where she was reaching for stuff for example, camera movement would have been advisable.

    All the editing in the world can't replace what camera movement conveys.

    Otherwise, good on you. Very good on you. You have a great feature ahead.


  • Thanks for the feedback @Hictor really appreciate it. I was actually watching a video from the Film Look on YouTube recently where they advised cutting your shots down and following the movement of the character (say pulling a bottle of pills out of there pocket and then moving to the  character next to him for her reaction etc), they cut 3 shots into 1 continuous shot. Its actually made me think a little differently about my next short. I did use a gimbal in some scenes but not in the places you mentioned, so something to work on next time.

    @DafterThings also mentioned the colours and I replied on YouTube to him to say it was deliberate to have every scene colourful but I'll take both your comments on board. I do want to do a sequel set later in the future but I probably wouldn't go as intense on the colour in that one.

    Thanks again. Love receiving feedback like this as friends and family don't give you this type of feedback, much appreciated

  • Hi All,

    We have just launched our annual Halloween film for this year and I thought I would share with you all. If you have a spare 5-10mins please give it a watch and let us know if you liked it.

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