Never seen this user on the forum are mentioned by the company. He has almost 100k subscribers and he uses Hitfilm to create Special Effects. He has done some great work with the particle engine and has some good tutorials on how to go about it . Not seen any user on the forum pushing the particle engine this far.




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    @Rogyrue ; You're right he does do some pretty interesting things with Hitfilm particles.  I Subscribed and am going to try a few of those.  I might finally make some headway in learning the particle system :)  Thanks for the find.



    Followed one of his 6 minute tutorials and it is an accurate title, and learned a lot, too!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Huh. I'll have to check the tutorials out later. Some fancy stuff.

    There are a couple of users I've seen push things in a similar direction, but those are users who haven't been around much in the last year or so. I'll cheerfully brag I've done a few insane particle setups, but I wasn't doing this type of abstract work. Pretty damn impressive.

  • Wow this is fantastic, thanks for sharing 

  • Hello there. I've been tipped by Oli Thompson (from FXHOME) that my channel 

    has gained more awareness to HITFILM users, and have also sent me this forum link.

    Thank you all for that. I will continue uploading new projects and tutorials for free on this software.

    I've found HITFILM to be a very useful tool for creating motion graphics in 'no-time',  very fast , very clean.

    You're welcome to visit my channel for new tutorials and free projects for download, also on Facebook.

    Amitai Angor, AA VFX. 




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AAVFX I thought I'd srnt you this forum link on YouTube as well! You do good work. 

  • Nice stuff!  

    Who could go wrong with titles like, "Majestic Retro Disco Honeysuckle"?  Great eye candy!

    Kind of reminds me of back in the day when we all thought we were going to get rich making moving backgrounds for TV stations. 


  • AAVFX Col ha'kavod, Avigdor. Nice work.

  •  @AAVFX


    How is it I have never seen your channel? Your work is really fantastic! I am really impressed, and I look forward to watching your videos.


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    Hi everyone! :)

    I've found a new odd behaving  parameter in HITFILM that will make cool motion graphics animations in a jiffy.

    I will share it in the next following days on my channel.

    One of my hobbies is to find abnormal software behavior and unexpected results in the multimedia field.

    I've started experimenting 20 years ago with 3Dstudio, Blender, shareware tools and last year with HITFILM.

    I must admit it's fun discovering this tool. 

    If you'd like to co-operate with me on your channels, I will be happy to do so. (Mail me: dvdangor@gmail.com)

    TRIEM_ I think you and Oli were the first to mention it, yes - Thanks! :)

    SENSEI_  Your channel is amazing! 

    JUDA_ It's Angor, LOL Avigdor is another name.. Hebrew stuff, Like!
    STARGAZER_ LMAO It's just a way of living as an artist. I'm enjoying it. Can't turn off my curiously with computers.
    Back in those days... Yes... HAHA I've actually made dozens of motion backs for TV stations and TV Promotios
    more that I can remember. Autodesk Combustion , After effects, DPS-Q, AVID, Discreet EDIT. Wow... the days.
  • @AAVFX ; Angor, if you click on the little gear icon all the way to the right of your name at the top of a comment it will let you edit the body of the comment, but as user we can't delete the entire comment only mods can do that.  I have seen some user change the body to something like "flagged for mods to delete" on comments that accidentally get duplicated or what have you they wish to be deleted.  Hope this helps.

  • Thanks tddavis.

    Here is something for you to guess, what effects are being used HERE

    I hope this time I won't get a duplicate comment.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'll play. Fractal Noise, Erode (or a Matte Choker) and Chrominator, unless you went old school and did extreme curves for the chrome look. 

  • These are mind blowing.

  • Triem23,

    You've nailed one effect correctly: Chrominator. 

    2 more to go: Overall answer: 33% from 100%.


  • @AAVFX ; :)  I am nowhere near proficient enough to be able to even make a guess.  I can only follow the great tutorials you and Triem23 and so many others put together and, maybe... make a tweak or two.  Love your abstracts though and glad you joined here.

  • Everyone can play tools. It's fun. You don't have to be a genius making motion graphics, animating

    or even creating 3D models. You just have to sit too long in-front of a computer and you'll come about.

    The problem with today's modern life that everybody needs their templates , Like in : After Effects -

    to make it through out their professional day (and that's kind of making me sad). 

    The world of compositing began long before online templates and 'ready-made' "one-click" tools.

    I'm glad to join HITFILM Family, and I hope I'll bring a new perspective to the community . 




    Glad to see you on the forum , enjoyed your work an imagination  you have got a great approach to learning and experimenting. Many a night i have relaxed to  some  hypnotic trance and  tweaking of variables in particle engines , Hitfilms a great tool to experiment with  :)  

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    Turning the Light Flare in HITFILM EXPRESS to a cool graphic tool!


    Project File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ms0XFX2L9TrvB6mBR4oqJjh9_k3owYvL

    Password: AAVFX

  • Using a light flare effect for that. Serious outside the box thinking.

  • Thank you,  NormanPCN. 

    Yes, and even more I've stumbled upon discrepancies in the code when trying this.

    The software behaved totally weird, that in some case I've even disabled the light flare effect,

    and the effect was still running. Then I've tried to delete the layer, but it kept going. LOL.

    In every software there is something that the developers weren't planning to do, but It can be done.





  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Back to the silver blobs... I admit, I haven't cracked it, yet, but I also haven't actually been able to sit and play in Hitfilm for a couple of weeks. *Shrug* Chromenator was pretty easy to spot. Still trying to think of other procedural filters in Hitfilm to make the blob shapes, but I keep wanting to go back to Fractal Noise with a Matte Choker--because that would absolutely do it.

    Sigh. This last year has seen me drop from one of the top experts on the community to being hopelessly behind.

  • As you can do this sort of thing with Displacement, I'm going to suggest that might be in there.

    http://i854.photobucket.com/albums/ab106/pickaname2/Real 3D a.jpg

  • Triem23. Oh, man I didn't want to make you sad.

    You're were right about the fractal noise but partly, and because it involved the connection with

    spherical warp that create a full textured 3D 360 degrees ball I  couldn't consider it as a hit.

    Basically, It's an environmental spherical texture that can be achieved by the 360VR filters and a sphere function.

    I've been doing a lot of experiments with spherical  warps on other tools,

    I was glad to be able to reconstruct it in HITFILM.

    But, Shhh.... Don't tell the others LOL





  • @Triem23 "This last year has seen me drop from one of the top experts on the community to being hopelessly behind."

    You'd have to get a lobotomy to fall behind. 

  • HITFILM Express new tutorial for beginners

    HOW TO CREATE » Cinematic Opening Credits (Titles) For FREE! + PROJECT FILE | HITFILM EXPRESS


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    Hi everybody.

    I invite you to watch my latest show-reel.

    Many of the works were made in HIFILM PRO.




  • Wow..... Very nice!!!

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