Jacob Larson (Critique is appreciated) -Grounded (My Rode Reel 2019)-

This a thread so y'all can see and criticize my work! And thoughts are welcome. I'm 16, so cut me some slack 





  • Also if you would like me to do a tutorial on any of these, leave a comment and I will make one ASAP.

  • Nice variation and creativity. Some are better than others but they're all pretty good. The 'blast-back' at the end was especially effective.

  • @NathanHawkenthorne ; +1 to tonyg's comments.  That last looked very really and like someone got hurt for real.  The UFO through the skylight looked particularly good to me, and I liked the embers transition ones near the beginning quite a lot.

  • @tonyg @tddavis . Thank you guys so much! That one at the end is one of my favorites, the ember transition one is another one of them too.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Some very nice work here. I agree with the others about the UFO shot and the "back blast" effect. I also really like the "gateway" effect near the beginning--I appreciate how you set up deflectors so some of the particles stick to the door frame! That's the little detail that really sells the effect! 

  • Some great effects +1 to @Triem23 comments the sparks on the door really sell that lovely shot. Only shot that I felt was off was the helicopter, felt a bit small in scale. Not that I have personally seen many helicopters land in a road.

  • @triem23 @Andy001z , Thank you!! The helicopter shot is a test VFX for a short I am shooting in June, thank you for the advice! I will keep that in mind for the final effect

  • This is an unscripted short I made a week or two ago, I'd appreciate criticism and advice!



  • This is the first scripted short I've ever done, please feel free to criticize!



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     I've added some comments on the video but will do the more 'critique' stuff here. Really like the feel and the colouring. I like the narration as well. If this is back-story to how the rivalry escalates then it's got me interested.

    The only kneejerk thought is the shot at 00:40 to 1.13 is a bit 'stale'.Something else needs to happen while you're telling the story at that point. Overall I like the shot composition as well but it's slightly off at that point as well. If it was on purpose then I'm not sure what it was for.


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    Shot opens with Nick standing over or walking away from a defeated opponent with narration "Nick was a legendary duelist" and then move into the story? A bit more of a 'hook' at the start and avoids having to tell the background mid-story.  

    <edit> I'm spamming you in two places now.

    "Nick was a legendary duelist in the neighbourhood" is a great line for the first line of a book. I believe that would work just as well with the narration as well.

    It must be good as I'm excited about it :-)

  • @DafterThings ;  , I appreciate the critique, I see what your saying, especially with that narration part, I will keep your advice in mind for the sequel

  • This is a solar eclipse effect I made entirely in hitfilm, what do you think?


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    This is a little Harry Potter thing I did with my bro and friend, critique is appreciated 



    PS : This is non scripted

  • @TopsStudios; Really nice effects! Amazing! Did you do color correction to your last harry potter video?

  • @4KMAX ; Thank you, I appreciate it! Yes, I did, native in Hitfilm

  • It's the end!!!!!!!! 


  • Slight change to the shadow path, some smoke from the jets and, maybe, some heat distortion? I am being very picky though as it looks really good to me.

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    not bad, maybe felt a tad out of scale at that hieght.

  • I plus one Andy001z's note about the scale, but the shadow looked good to me.  The sun seems to be coming from low on the left and other shadows are skewing to the right, but I agree with DafterThings about heat distortion and smoke though.

  • @tddavis @Andy001z @DafterThings ;  , Yeah, I also notice scaling issues to late  , and you all are right about some heat distortion and smoke trails, those both would have been rather simple improvements. Thanks for the advice!

  • Some camera shake might look good in this shot

  • @CNK ; I think that you are right, wish I would have thought of that earlier

  • This is intended to have a magical, otherworldly feel, what do you think?


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Well yeah that does have a sort of backlit ehtereal feel.  Which it does.  But watch it again without the audio track.  Does it evoke the same feel? 

    The trick (or technique) is if you can achieve the same response without the audio, then you have the visuals dialed in.

  • Way to much bloom for me (bloom get it). 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sorry, the flower one isn't quite working for me. I'm not quite getting the ethereal feeling on this, I just want to turn your Anamorphic Flare's Intensity down by 2/3.

    The plane shot is nice and you should re-render that with the notes given. The "It's the end!" shot is the most effective of the Instagram videos (Although I think, given the rise of the BG smoke you might have too many embers in the foreground--the composite is great, just not quite buying the timing of the smoke and embers together).

    Are these all test shots for the thing you're shooting in June? I feel like your earlier copter test, the plane test and the burning neighborhood test are all part of the same sequence.

    When I'm not on my phone I'll come back and take a look at the full short films. :-)

  • @Stargazer54 ;  I totally get what your saying, I was having a lot of trouble getting the shot to look right. @Andy001z ;  LOL, that seems to be a consensus. @Triem23 ;  Thanks for the honest critique! I really appreciate it. I see what your saying about the ultra intense flaring, I had just watched something with a ton of flares, so that's how that happened, they're definitely way too intense. The end of the world one is the most intense VFX shot I have done in a long time, I see what your saying their too. They aren't all for the same short, that short might fall through, sadly, I have been having trouble finding proper casting. I can't wait to see what you think of my shorts!

  • Thoughts?


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