IT'S BACK! Magix Vegas Pro + Lots Humble Bundle $25

The Vegas Pro Edit 14.0 Humble Bundle offer is back.

Do not delay, get the lot (and it's all useful) for $25 + whatever extra you want to contribute to charidee.

Not a con, not a piece of useless old tat, I got the deal when it last came available back in December and there were several on here who just missed it (I spotted it and posted here with only a few hours to go never-mind-offer-has-expired). Vegas Pro 15 has come out since, but it's not a massive step forward because: mature, polished software.

For all of you complaining about missing features in Hitfilm's Editor: Vegas Pro solves all your problems, but it also integrates with Hitfilm so you can use each program to do what they do best, and Hitfilm does what it does best very well. Plus you can install either Ignite Express (free) or Ignite Pro (not free) Effects and use them separately inside Vegas as well.

Why are you still reading this?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As a Vegas Pro user since v1, I'll say Vegas has always been my favorite editor. It's a great program to run alongside Hitfilm.. 

    Last time this bundle was out I emailed several friends who all jumped on board. If you're NOT a Vegas owner, but REALLY want to jump into the current version of Vegas (15), I have one friend who bought this, then qualified for the Vegas 15 upgrade price. The bundle and upgrade are cheaper than a new license.

    Other software is nice too. 

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    Picked up this deal last night. Was thinking of posting it on the forum. Thanks for doing it for me. My only complaint was that the download of Vegas Pro 14 took almost 4 hours for a little over 1.2 gigs.

    EDIT: @triem23 Mike, as soon as I started Vegas, I got the offer for Vegas Pro 15 for $199 which is $500 or more off the list price depending on your seller. Got the offer next time I opened it also.

  • Yes, even with a 75Mb fibre optic line it took a while (not that long, about an hour) for me too, but I guess they need to spread out their bandwidth when so many thousands will be grabbing it in a short period.

    Wait until you download all the rest of the packages. ;) There is about 10Gb of stuff once each program installs and then downloads updates and addons and loads more extras.

  • Wow, numbers doubled since yesterday. When I first posted it was 15,000+ and now it's 32,000 exactly (it was 31,955 and I waited about 1 minute and it clicked over)

    So, yes. Bumping this, because you should buy it. It'll make using Hitfilm so much more satisfying because you create with Hitfilm and you edit your creations with Vegas. (32,009 already)

  • @Palacono ; is vegas and hitfilm linked like premiere and after effects?

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    @Palacono Yep, and it added Magix Music Maker to both downloads I have tried so far. All the Ignite effects show up in Vegas if you have Ignite installed.

    Also, the downloads in the middle of the day are much faster than at first. I downloaded the Vegas Pro in about 15 min.

  • @Andersen01498 not using them, I can't say, but you can drag Hitfilm projects into Vegas and treat them like normal media. Also select a clip and send it to Hitfilm. 

  • @palacono is Vegas pro edit the same thing as Vegas pro 

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @Andersen01498 Yes it is. Edit is just Vegas without additional 3rd party programs or plugins. Vegas 14 Pro added DVD Architect, NewBlueFX Looks, NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express and proDAD Mercalli V4 plugins. Vegas 14 Pro Suite had the same things as Pro but changed Titler Pro Express for the full Titler Pro 3 and added 3 Borix FX units, 3D objects, Key and Blend and Match Move. 

  • @Aladdin4d do you think its a good deal to get Vegas Edit since I have hitfilm pro?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 YES! 

    I love Hitfilm Pro, but Vegas is far more polished as an editor (while Hitfilm can do VFX/Animation Vegas can't even dream of). With integration between Vegas/Hitfilm you can send shots from Vegas to Hitfilm or load a Hitfilm Project to Vegas and have the Editor Timeline show up in Vegas as a video clip. Toss Ignite Express (or Ignite Pro) in and a lot of Hitfilm effects end up in Vegas. 

    My workflow uses Hitfilm for advanced VFX/compositing and Vegas for most editing (all audio editing). In Vegas most of my color correction is using Ignite's filters. 

    Note, some third-party OFX effects work in Vegas and Hitfilm. Specifically the NewBlue stuff. Also Mocha PRO/OFX. 

    Vegas started as an audio editor, so some of its conventions are different from every other NLE. As an example, if you overlap two pieces of media on the same Vegas track, the overlap automatically becomes a dissolve (video) or crossfade (audio). To change a transition, drag the new transition from the Transition tab to the overlap. This single Vegas feature is so much easier than how everything else does transitions is quickly adds up to hours of time saved! 

    And for $25 this is a bargain. I am actually on Vegas 15,but will jump on this bundle for the other software. 

  •  @Triem23 Is this deal vegas pro or vegas edit?

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    Hi @palacono,

     Thank you so much for posting about this. Vegas Pro Edit and the best part is Hitfilm integration works once again! Happy!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 naming schemes are confusing and Magix changed the naming. 

    Vegas Pro is, technically, the actual  "Vegas Pro" software. There's a "Vegas Movie Studio," which is the lower version.

    Magix, confusingly, has named the three Vegas Pro tiers "Vegas Pro Edit," "Vegas Pro," and "Vegas Pro Suite."

    So... "Vegas Pro Edit" is, literally, Vegas Pro. That's it. What Magix is calling "Vegas Pro" is actually Vegas Pro bundled with Hitfilm and NewBlue filters. "Vegas Pro Suite" is Vegas Pro, the Hitfilm and NewBlue effects AND Boris Sapphire and NewBlue Titler Pro 5...

    So ,when *I* say "Vegas Pro," I am referring to the actual software, "Vegas Pro." Magix really should have given the bundle a better name!

    So, yes, I'm talking about what they call "Vegas Pro Edit."

    It's a bit like how Hitfilm just renamed things. Hitfilm Pro 2017 bundled with Ignite Pro. Now buying "Hitfilm Pro" just gets you Hitfilm Pro while "Hitfilm Pro Studio" bundles Hitfilm Pro, Ignite Pro and Action Pro (Beta). 

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    @Triem23: "Vegas Pro" includes the Vegas editing program along with  DVD Architect -- for creating DVDs and Blu-Rays -- while "Vegas Edit" is just the Vegas editing program.  There are some bundled add-ons that might be different as well -- but not included in the Humble Bundle.

    For a while, Sony Vegas used to be called "Vegas+DVD", I think, then just "Vegas Pro".  Then development on DVD Architect slowed, and I believe even Sony offered Vegas Pro Edit -- so people that already had DVD Architect (which had barely changed over the years) could upgrade more cheaply.

    This page shows the differences (almost none) excluding bundled products:

    Note that four versions are compared there, but the layout is so big you only  see two at a time.  Horizontal scroll bar at the very bottom.

    Update: At home, on Chrome or MS Edge, comparison screen is fine and shows all four versions.  Internet Explorer (at work, also at home) shows everything really big and fits only two versions.

  • @Triem23 I got the edit version but I cant connect hitfilm with it?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 you might need to uninstall and reinstall Hitfilm. 

    I believe that Vegas needs to be installed first to install components Hitfilm looks for to set up integration. I'll tag @CedricBonnier to confirm. 

    @TimLan635 to my surprise, this morning didn't actually list DVD Architect as part of either bundle tier.

    I didn't discuss "Vegas 365," at all, because that's a stupid toe in the sea of subscription. Which is a dumb move to make. But, as you said, the tiers used to be "Vegas Pro Edit" (Vegas only), "Vegas+DVD" (mid-tier bundle) and "Vegas Studio" (high-tier bundle), so I still maintain the current naming scheme is confusing. 

  • Hi @Andersen01498,

     I uninstalled Hitfilm, installed Vegas Pro Edit, and then reinstalled Hitfilm for the integration to work. My personal experience is that it seems to work quicker that with Hitfilm 2.

  • Yes, HitFilm needs to be installed after Vegas for the HitFilm/Vegas integration to be installed.

  • @CedricBonnier: What about getting Hitfilm Pro integration into Vegas 14? I guess it's just a dll and a INI/registry entry. I can manually edit a configuration file but then  I only have the file read of Hitfilm projects, not the ability to right-click inside Vegas and choose "add Hitfilm effect" (My version is German so I am not sure how it's exactly named in English)

  • @Juda1 Officially HitFilm Pro only supports Vegas 15 integration. We haven't done any testing with any other versions but if you can get it working, there's nothing in HitFilm's code that should prevent it from working.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As always, I summon @Palacono who is Lord of getting vegas/hitfilm integration to work. he knows created the secret, unofficial hack.

  • I know how to edit that .config-File. But that only allows Hitfilm project to be displayed inside Vegas. It does not offer a way to convert a clip inside Vegas to a Hitfilm project. If @Palacono knows a way he's even more welcomed than he already is :)

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    @Juda1 It should work if you just install Hitfilm after Vegas Pro 14, as others have posted above. The HitFilm.fio2007-config file needs to be in the same folder as the Vegas executable and needs to point at the folder you have Hitfilm installed in.

    Mine says this:
    [FileIO Plug-Ins]
    HitFilmFileIO=C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Express 2017\HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll

    Followed by some numbers which may be unique to my PC, so not shown.

    Although mine points to Hitfilm Express 2017, the HitfilmFileIOPlugin.dll file may actually have come from a different version of Hitfilm. I think that may be what makes the menu item appear.
    I was experimenting several versions ago with SMS12 and Hitfilm Express 3, when only Vegas Pro 12 officially worked with Hitfilm 3 Pro, so my setup is a bit out of date now, but still working fine.

    Experiment with copying different versions of the HitfilmFileIOPlugin.dll file into the Hitfilm Executable folder, or (probably simpler) pointing the Config file to different versions of Hitfilm in different folders. Later versions of Hitfilm can open early versions of the .HFP file that is created and when I open up more recent versions of those file I sometime get warned that it will need to save them as a new version, which is fine.

    At one point I had multiple folders of Movie Studio with different Config files pointing to multiple folders of Hitfilm, but now there are so many different versions of each, and it seems to work fine with Vegas Pro 14, I deleted a lot of them. BTW, I use Hitfilm Pro 2017 with Vegas Pro 14. Not bothered to experiment with Hitfilm Pro 2018 integration, as it does nothing I need that HFP2017 doesn't already do.

  • I would like to know soon because if I have to upgrade the sale ends today on Vegas products 

  • @palacono will this work with hitfilm pro and Vegas edit 14

  • a) The sale runs for another 7 days, and

    b) Yes.

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    @Palacono can you please help me out with how to get the hitfilm effect on vegas edit 14....I have hitfilm pro the latest version

    b.   I was referring to this sale



  • Did you get the Vegas 14 Pro Edit bundle and get it to integrate by following Triem's instructions to reinstall Hitfilm after Vegas?

    If you did then it will also work with Vegas 15 Pro if/when you upgrade from VP 14 to VP15. As Cedric said above: it's officially supported. If not and you have any problems, then that's probably a question for Hitfilm Support.

  • I got the bundle and i was not able to get it to integrate 

    will it work with vegas edit 15 or vegas pro 15

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