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Hello everyone,

I am a big fan of Hitfilm due to the all in one solution and it's much better price policy compared to Adobe. I completely left Adobe products due to it's monthly fee policy by using Hitfilm Pro, Capture One and Afinity Photo. 

But I need to admit that I am very impressed by the first looks of Davinci Resolve 15. And to be honest: due to the much better work flow in Editing and now also including Fusion with a much better user interface I am not sure if Hitfilm Pro can still compete. 

What do you think? Is Davinci Resolve 15 an entire Hitfilm-Killer? Or has Hitfilm still features where Davinci cannot compete?





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    Well, it's a HitFilm killer if it's got all the features you need in one place.

    I don't like HitFilm's color system, so I'm using DaVinci because I prefer the node system. Sure, you can get away with some stuff, but creating masks and really digging deeper into color is much faster in my opinion with DaVinci.

    There's no doubt in my mind though, that HitFilm offers the widest amounts of features in a single NLE/VFX program for the price that you're paying for Pro, but again, I haven't seen everything that's out there... :P

    I think that calling any program a "killer" over another is factually incorrect, because there are too many areas of improvement that can be made and added so it's more like a constant race rather than someone always staying on top.

    People often use Adobe as an example for the industry standard, well if you've been in a professional 'hollywood' editing studio, you will see that not everyone uses what you might think. Infact, a lot of studios NEED custom made programs for themself because what's available simply isn't fast enough, good enough, or stable enough to make their deadlines.

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    Any editor or VFX software has strengths and weaknesses. Resolve has the best color correction tools, in general. With the addition of Fairlight in 14,it's got some of the better audio tools (Vegas Pro still has the edge in audio). The Editor is nice and smooth. Fusion has been available in a free version for years, so the new bundle doesn't change anything. 

    Fusion is sweet! But it's also node-based, vs layer based, so I don't quite call them direct competitors (some people love nodes, others hate them, same with layers). 

    Hitfilm Express is stronger in 3D and VFX than Resolve and easier/faster for 3D animation than Fusion. Pro has advanced particle/3D model features Resolve and Fusion can't touch. 

    I'd also argue it's not a zero-sum game. There's certainly room for both. There are multiple people on the forum who move between Resolve and Hitfilm, playing off both's strengths. Since both have free versions, that's a great option. 

    I've not looked at the Resolve 15 announcement. Does the free version now do 4k? If not, well, Hitfilm Express does. 

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    It is impressive but the integration isn't feature complete yet and won't be for another 12-18 months and the word from at least one Pro

    "I consider it to be crippled for vfx work within the confines of Resolve and the loss in usability as a pure compositing package is astounding."

    My first take on it is it's like shipping an effects package like Ignite Pro already integrated with the Resolve installer. Yes I know it's actually more than that but that's what it feels like at the moment. If it stays like that it won't be a "killer" it'll just mean you can do more without leaving Resolve just like you can do more in Vegas with Ignite Pro. At some point, you're still going to want a full compositor.

  • From the webpage:

    "The free version of DaVinci Resolve has all of the professional editing, legendary color correction and Fairlight audio tools you need for SD, HD and Ultra HD work at up to 60 frames per second. "

    Looks very interesting.

  • I'm gonna try it before I say anything.

    (I'll be back)

  • The slow motion (optical flow method), 3D camera and planar tracking and color correction are all exceptionally good.

    Combined with node based editing, a low price (Studio version) and a 'traditional' licensing model makes this a very attractive alternative.

    It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of years.

    I sincerely hope Hitfilm prospers but choice for the consumer is always a good thing. Personally, I'd prefer to think DaVinci was an After Effects "killer"

  • I'm very curious about this as well but I'm just beginner. I don't see the full capabilities of both. Experts out there, could you list out some examples that HitFilm Express can do but Davinci Resolve cannot do?

    Based on theory, Davinci Resolve + Ignite Express should cover all HitFilm Express features?


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    Will Davinci Resolve Beta support Ignite?



  • I own Davinci Resolve Studio/Fusion Studio (paid versions) and HitFilm Pro 8. 

    With that said, I do not believe Davinci Resolve 15/Fusion 9 is a definitive HitFilm killer, as both software options tend to cater to different audiences.  In terms of VFX, HitFilm is more accessible, from a technical and system resource level, than Fusion 9.  However, HitFilm's editor is not on the same level as Davinci Resolve 15.

    In my opinion, the primary audience for HitFilm is users that want to create  VFX demos and short skits for fun. I based this on the fact that HitFilm's marketing materials and tutorials rarely actually talk about making films in any meaningful capacity.  The resources are mostly focus on VFX demos, which is going to have an impact on the customers that it attracts.  Also, in my opinion, HitFilm's editor is not good  for film projects, but fine for basic tasks.

    In my opinion, Davinci Resolve 15/Fusion 9 is marketed towards individuals who want to create more serious short or full-length movie projects for fun or professional efforts.  Davinci Resolve editor is great for film projects and Fusion 9 is more geared towards hardcore VFX users.  In addition to its camera lineup, Blackmagic design tends to market their software products to a different audience, but makes it available for everyone.

    With that said, I can see a situation where using Davinci Resolve with Ignite Express or Pro might be a better option for some users instead of HitFilm Express/Pro, especially if a better editor is required.  However, that option has already been available for quite some time.

  • "In my opinion, Davinci Resolve 15/Fusion 9 is marketed towards individuals who want to create more serious short or full-length movie projects for fun or professional efforts."

    No, not at all. It's designed and marketed toward professionals with specialists in editing, compositing, sound design, and color. It's a Hollywood optimized application being made available to everyone and their cat.

    HitFilm on the other hand is designed to enable individuals to make professional grade films. It succeeds in this, but it doesn't fit well into higher end productions, though the Ignite suite does.

  • "No, not at all. It's designed and marketed toward professionals with specialists in editing, compositing, sound design, and color. It's a Hollywood optimized application being made available to everyone and their cat."

    @WhiteCranePhoto, I do not necessarily disagree with your statement, especially based on the history of Blackmagic Design's software.  However, in more recent years, it appears that Blackmagic Design is gearing up to  take on the Premiere and After Effects market head on, at the professional and non-professional level.  This is all an opinion and does not account for a hill of beans, but it just seems that Blackmagic Design has a more longer-term and broader-reach strategic goal in mind in regards to their software products that has not been fully realized yet.   This rationale was the basis for my comment, which I admit could be completely false.

    "HitFilm on the other hand is designed to enable individuals to make professional grade films. It succeeds in this, but it doesn't fit well into higher end productions, though the Ignite suite does."

    I do not disagree that HitFilm could be used to make a professional grade film, but the editor, in my opinion, would make the process rather cumbersome.  Nevertheless, I do not see a lot of films being made with HitFilm, at the professional or non-professional level, only VFX demos.  Therefore, I do not believe the majority of HitFilm users are actually interested in making films with the software, in spite of the fact that HitFilm is capable if one wishes.

  • Davinci Resolve 15 has minimum requirements of 16GB RAM, preferably 32 GB. Forget it if you only have 8GB RAM.

  • I just pulled the plug on Davinci Resolve Studio 15. I have been using the free version off and on for over a year (16GB ram no problem UHD) and the editor alone is worth the switch at $299. Hitfilm has always been good for quick green screens, particles, and quick composites but for me everything else was a chore to accomplish even with the proxy, audio limitations, etc. I do believe with the pricing structure and consistent updates, Davinci will attract more users over time. But in 4  to 5 years it will be something else. I have learned to remain flexible, stay open to learn new workflows, and use the best tool for me to get the job done. For me, it's Davinci Resolve full time now. I might jump back to Hitfilm here and there while I get more proficient with fusion but that's it. My 2 cents. 

  •  @TheDigitalMedia

    "I just pulled the plug on Davinci Resolve Studio 15"

    Um...I think you mean "pulled the trigger," not "pulled the plug."  To "pull the plug" means to shut something off, implying that you're going to stop using it, which clearly doesn't match the rest of your comments. ;)

  • @TheDigitalMedia

    Could you please clarify what exactly you have pulled ? Please don't just leave us hanging ?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @luxgud he means he's abandoning Hitfilm for Resolve. He prefers Resolve as an Editor. 

  • Has anybody used Resolve 15?

    I got a new laptop and uninstalled 14 from my old computer. I would like to put it on this one but it’s appears as though the only option is to download the 15 beta version (free one. Not studio).

    As of recently I’ve only really used resolve to transcode. 

  • I have to admit, and I feel a bit dirty saying this but I am downloading the free version as I type this. It does look quite inviting on the face of it. I'm not sure about the learning curve though given it's node based rather than layer based but I have to give it a try. I'm most interested in the performance comparison. It's the one thing that continues to frustrate me with hitfilm. It might be on my PC Resolve is no better but I have to try it. And at $299 studio is just about affordable for me.

    Does ignite work with Resolve 15?

  • When I bought  Hitfilm several years ago, I bought it for  VFX, primarily for 3D model integration and particle sims.    Back then, the integrated editor had less features then it does now.     I tried to warm up to Vegas,  I just did not like it, I refused to pay ransomware to Adobe so I started using   the Resolve free version.     It wasn't the most intuitive however there are a lot of instructional videos both paid and free .   When the resolve price was reduced from $999 to $299.  I bought  14 studio.  I can attest that Ignite  does work with the Studio version I can not say that it works with the free version.       Coming from an Electric Guitar background I visualize the nodes as stomp boxes. So nodes were easy for me to wrap my head around.


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    "It's the one thing that continues to frustrate me with hitfilm. It might be on my PC Resolve is no better but I have to try it."

    Generally Resolve is quite fast. Edit and color pages from media. Fusion is slow. Both relatively speaking to Hitfilm. I only did a couple of very quick and dirty tests. I've not yet tested Fusion in Resolve 15. My Fusion test was with the current stand alone Fusion. No idea about Fairlight.

    Due to the elaborate caching ability in Fusion, very complicated composites can be faster in Fusion than Hitfilm. They can have multiple levels of cache. Hitfilm has ram preview which is all or nothing, unless you create many subcomposites and "Hitfilm proxy" those. With basic stuff like taking a simple piece of media plays back real time and then put something like a simple blur on that, Fusion can quickly stutter compared to Hitfilm.

    "Does ignite work with Resolve 15?"

    Ignite does work in the free version of Resolve.

    Any and all third party effects are slow running in Resolve. This relative to the native effects. You would want to cache specific clips, effects on a clip/node or cache nodes. Resolve has different ways to do caching.

  • Well after downloading I had very limited time to test but so far I get an OpenFX error when I start the application meaning openFX get disabled. I also had it crash on me while just looking through the pages with no media loaded. Not a great start. Will try more tonight  as I have a bit more time. it could just be my PC.It's a laptop, 4th gen i7, 16gb memory and GTX780M. 2x 128 ssds plus a 750 HDD (7200). Anyway more tests to come.

  • Your antique GPU is probably part of the problem.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, as WhiteCrane says, that system is pretty slow by current standards. Streaming media off HDD is a huge bottleneck, especially with 4k.

    But, that said, try Resolve and if it works better for you, then use it. No guilt. The key is not to make the mistake between choosing one or the other. It's both when needed. Your philosophy, yes? With EXR and MOV/Cineform you can move things back and forth between projects if there's something you find faster in Hitfilm.

    I'm sure @BobDiMarzio would agree. Love the stomp box metaphor. 

  • Yes, I agree 100%.     I find FXhome to be a wonderful community  and Hitfilm Pro to be a tremendous  compositor coupled with Boris and Mocha.    However, I am very comfortable using resolve for editing and color grading.    I do not have any inclination to learn Fusion since I have invested significant time and energy using the Hit Film Pro compositor.

  • I prefer nodes for VFX, but BMD has enabled OFX plugins in the integrated Fusion in the latest beta, so Ignite is hopefully back with that

  • @DreamArchitect "Well after downloading I had very limited time to test but so far I get an OpenFX error when I start the application meaning openFX get disabled."

    As stated, you hardware can be an issue but something else to consider.

    I got that when I installed Resolve 14 last year. The problem was Red Giant Universe. Specifically the free "legacy" 1.x plug-ins. 2.x worked fine once I remove the legacy stuff. Ignite was never a problem. If Ignite is the only OFX plug-in  installed this is not the issue.

    If you have other plug-ins; The first thing I would look at temporarily move the OFX installation folders out of the OFX folder. Then start Resolve and enable OpenFX. You should be good. Then put one OFX folder in at a time, and see which one Resolve has issue with. The Resolve log will list the issue without doing this but you have to decipher the technobabble. 

    64-bit OpenFX plug-ins are installed in 

    c:\program files\common files\OFX\

    There should be one folder per company plug-in group. e.g. 

  • @NormanPCN As it turned out Red giant is all I had installed. I was only asking about ignite to see if it would work. I don't currently have it installed. I had forgotten I had red giant. I did a couple of things last night and one of them fixed the issue. One was to delete the resolve OFX cache. the other was to switch my laptop into full power mode. it seems even though it was plugged in to the mains it had stuck on power saving for some reason. Anyway it worked so far.  Only did something very simple last night though. My "Antique" GPU seems just fine though ;-). Lucky coz a grand plus to throw at a new laptop just isn't around right now.

    @Triem23 I can't say I had any issues with the hard drives and working with video. I don't do 4k work and 1080p transcoded to the AVID codec I forget the name of right now I find works more than well.

    I can see resolve as part of a workflow. It certainly has better audio tools than Hitfilm at present. It could well be that the tools complement each other rather than one killing another and I'd considered that up front. 

    @BobDiMarzio I also found the nodes fairly easy so far but for a very different (and much more boring) reason.  

  • Resolve 15 is still in beta, but as long as you have enough memory and a current GPU, it's pretty stable. The Fusion module is still a bit crashy (more in Windows than the UNIX variants, apparently), but it's getting there.


  • @jsbarrett you are right, typo. I meant pulled the trigger.

  • Well, for the little boutique post facility I’m planning to open, hopefully by year’s end, I shall be using Final Cut Pro X for editing.

    Mainly because I’m used to it.  But I’ll be using Resolve for grading, Fusion and Hitfilm Pro for effects.  

    I’ll be buying all three as it’ll be cost effective.  

    I’m also going to get a programmer to get me a Matte Painting application built.

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