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I am fairly new to HitFilm, so am starting with (what I thought would be!) a simple task as I learn my way around the program.

My first project involves creating projections of a narration which will accompany a live progressive-rock performance. To do this I created a Text layer, and added the text (editing as necessary using DEL, BACKSPACE and cursor keys), then used Opacity to produce the required fade in/out. So far so good.

I then played around with other stuff, and came back to the text box as the text itself needed modifying. I went into text mode, double-clicked in the text box, selected a word using the mouse and pressed DEL - and the whole text box disappeared! Ok... Undo. I then double-clicked in the box (the claret appeared where I had clicked) and tried using the cursor to move the claret - but the text box moved instead (and - in case you're wondering - I had clicked on the little text icon so the program knew I was in text mode).

No matter what I do, after HitFilm has been running for a while, I can no longer edit the text using DEL, BACKSPACE, or cursor keys (the first 2 delete the whole box, while latter move it).

However, if I save the project, quit and restart HitFilm, then reload  the project, all is good for a while - then the same thing happens again.

On a similar text related subject - does HitFilm use its own text buffer rather than the system clipboard? I can cut and paste text from one layer text box to another - but NOT from a layer text box to an effect text box.

I am using the latest version of HitFilm Pro - the same issues occur on Mac and PC.


  • Is anyone able to advise me whether the above issue is a bug or due to user error on my part? If I am doing something wrong I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me what it is so I stop doing it...

    Another issue I am having with Effect Textboxes is related to full justification: if I create 2 identical Effect Textboxes, left align and vertically stack them, add different text to each, then specify full justification for both, they do not use the same internal left/right margins - i.e. the text of one is further indented each side than the other, depending on the text content. Is there a way to configure them so that the edges of the text is the same horizontally in both boxes (so they line up when vertically stacked on the screen) no matter what text is involved?

  •  @Chalky64 What version of HitFilm are you using?

  • I have the latest version on both my PC (7.1.7427) and iMac (I can't confirm the exact version at the moment as I won't be near it until the weekend).

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    @Chalky64 Thanks, 7.1 was all I needed. I had read the post a bit too quickly and missed the bit where you said you were running the latest version. We will have a look at this again in the future, sorry about the inconvenience.

    EDIT: We are having trouble reproducing your issue, are you clicking inside the text box with the text tool selected?

  • I am yes. I can select text using the mouse and select all using CTRL-A, but if I press a cursor key HitFilm moves the textbox instead of the claret - and if I press DEL or BACKSPACE, HitFilm deletes the textbox instead of a character.

    I must emphasise that this does not happen to begin with - only if I edit other objects in my project, then go back to modify the content of a textbox later (and even then it doesn't always happen). Does HitFilm use a flag to steer function logic for DEL/BACKSPACE/CURSOR which is perhaps not getting reset under certain circumstances?

  • I think I might have narrowed the problem down and can replicate the following every time after loading a multi-composite shot project (the issue seems to be triggered when moving from one composite shot to another):

    1. Load a project which contains more than 1 composite shot incorporating textboxes.

    2. Edit a textbox in Composite Shot 1 - all is good. I can jump between other objects in the shot as much as I like before returning to a textbox and editing its contents without problems.

    3. Switch to Composite Shot 2. Now whenever I try to edit the text in a textbox, SPACE starts playback, DEL and BACKSPACE delete the textbox, etc.

    The only way to restore normal functionality following step 3 is to close and restart HitFilm.

    I hope that helps.


  • Ok - I have played around some more, and think the problem is GUI related. It seems to be occurring because the text tool icon does not get reset when switching between composite shots - so the GUI continues to display 'text mode' as selected (blue icon), when in fact it is not...

    To clarify:

    If I go into text mode (blue icon) in Composite Shot 1 and edit a textbox, then switch to Composite Shot 2 [with the text mode icon still blue] and attempt to edit a textbox the problem occurs.


    If I switch from Composite Shot 1 to Composite Shot 2 while in text mode, change to another mode (text mode icon goes white), then reselect text mode (icon goes blue), I can edit the textbox in the 2nd composite shot without problems.

    I apologise for the multiple posts - but hope their content proves useful.

  • Final addition after more investigation:

    This issue only occurs when clicking on another Composite Shot tab directly from within a textbox - clicking outside the current textbox before selecting another Composite Shot tab works as expected (i.e. the Text Mode icon is deselected when switching to the newly selected Composite Shot).

  • @Chalky64 Thank you for investigating. I've logged this internally to fix it in the future.

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