Recreating coloring of animated gif

Is it possible for someone to help me recreate the coloring of this animated gif for use in a video of this scene using just the tools of hitfilm express?

Here is an online version of the scene


  • The Posterise Effect allows you to reduce the number of colours, but it doesn't add the stippling that conversion to a  256 colour .GIF has.

    You could try using Shotcut (Free). I use it to generate animated .GIFs and set the frame rate to 10 or so and resize frames, but its seems happy to export at any resolution and frame rate. You might have to chop a long clip up if there actually are any restrictions on .GIF size. You'd then have to turn that into individual frames to load into Hitfilm, as it doesn't 'see' the animation.

    Possibly back through Shotcut again (not tried) to turn it into a group of .JPGs or .PNGs, Or there are probably online tools to separate out the frames from an animated .GIF. Or, probably: just take the original clip and do what you want too.

  • I don't want to create the gif itself.  I want to recreate the coloring of the gif for use in a video using this scene.  I like the coloring, but I've never messed with that kind of stuff before.  Maybe it can help me with recreating the effect in photo editing as well since alot of the same tools in hitfilm are in my photo editors of choice.

  • Yes, I got that. Export the clip you want to GIFify and put it through Shotcut or somewhere online to create the image sequence and reload into Hitfilm. Unless someone knows how to recreate the stippling in Hitfilm, you'll need to use other programs to get the effect you need.

  • Let me try this again.  I do not want to create a gif, nor am I importing any gif into hitfilm.  I just want to recreate the coloring effect of the gif to use in a video as a color grade only.    How can I accomplish this, with brightness/contrast, levels, curves, hue/saturation?

  • You can't.

    You can only create the .GIF look by....creating a .GIF, then reimporting it into Hitfilm as an image sequence.

    Or, if you just want fewer colours - a .GIF has only 256, rather than the millions of a normal image - then try the Posterise Effect. But it won't look like a GIF.

  • I don't want the full .gif look.  I would just like to use the more colorful parts of the gif without the blocky gif look.  Can I make the colors look more saturated like they look in the gif

  • OK, try this method to match one clip to another.

  • I don't have hitfilm pro, I use express

  • Histogram and Curves are both in Express.

  • Yeah I'm sorry for getting it wrong, please forgive trying to do it now :)

  • I guess it just isn't gonna work trying to recreate the look of the gif

    Any tip on how to make the scene more colorful?  I tried using the auto level, but it tends to make certain parts kind of blink.  How can I improve the color of the picture without it blinking?

  • Once you get closer to where you want it to be: maybe also turn up the Saturation slider in any one of the effects you mentioned before. ;)

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    I would like to take it from this:

    to this:


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