Action Pro 0.3 Beta (pre-release)

I've just put the finishing touches on Action Pro 0.3 Beta and wanted to give it out here as a pre-release. Please do check it out and report back any bugs you find as I might have a chance to fix them before this version goes live.

Updates include...

  • Rigged export to HitFilm
    Within the Animation Settings, you can now set to export rigged data to HitFilm meaning that your Position and Rotation are exported with individual X, Y and Z points which are parented together. NOTE: I recommend setting your export scale to 0.1.
  • Visible transform values
    You can now see the current Position and Rotation values with a handy little readout on the viewer.
  • Import and Export of Recordings
    You can now export your Recordings to create a catalogue of reusable data you can import into any of your projects.
  • Bug fixes!

This is just the Windows version for now (I'll try to make the next pre-release both platforms).

Download Action Pro 0.3 Beta (Windows)

P.S. Axel will soon start working on our official manuals for Action Pro which I hope will come with version 0.4.


  • Cool, Josh!  Can't wait to give it a spin

  • NICE 


  • Can anyone download/install/run this or only those who purchased Action Pro via HitFilm Studio?

  • @Chalky64 if you haven't purchased Action Pro then it will only run in demo mode

  •  Hi

    Just tried to download Action Pro as a beta. I find that I cannot open anything in Hit Film Pro to see how it all works. Am I doing something wrong or have you totally prevented export to Hit Film in the Beta version?

    I really would like to check out the possibilities before I commit to paying

  • @GKB We'll add some demo export options for HitFilm in the future.

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