HitFilm Express keeps crashing on Import of large files

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Everytime I try to import large files it will crash, It has no problem with smaller files.

I only have 2 files sizes to test, a 18 min (155 mb)  mp4 files, that it has no issue with, and my larger 3hr (3.7gb) file that will make it crash everytime. When it crashes my computer specs are only running at 20-30% so it isnt overheating or anything


I dont mind cutting down the files to import it, but I have no idea how to do that and if its even possible.

computer specs

cpu: i7 4770k 4.0 ghz

graphics: gtx 970

16gb ram

64bit windows OS


  • @ihavAdollar ; I have used this program with success and I have seen it recommended by a couple of the gurus here.  There are two versions and I think you want to use the 64 bit version for better results.


    This is the Home page and there are links at the left side to the download page.  Myself, to avoid glitches at seams, I would export a little extra at the end of one and then again at the beginning of the next to trim them in Hitfilm and get a smooth flow.  You use set point to indicate what areas you want to export (or did the last time I used it anyway.)  Hope this is useful.

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