[SOLVED] I cannot use ignite!

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Hello, i downloaded ignite express and i activated it, now when i open it there's only Deactive option, but ignate didn't open... What do i do?


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    Ignite is not a stand alone program.

    Ignite does not interface with Hitfilm. The effects in Ignite Express are part of Hitfilm Express. The effects in Ignite Pro are all in Hitfilm Pro.

    Ignite is a set of Plug-ins to bring Hitfilm effects to After Effects, Premiere, FCPX, Apple Motion, Sony Catylist, Resolve, NUKE, EIDUS, Avid and Vegas Pro.

    If you are using one of those NLE's Ignite will show up in their respective Plug-In/Effects Lists.

    If you are NOT using one of those NLE's you have no need for Ignite and can uninstall it.

  • Well, have you free editing software or is it just a effect pack?

  • Thank you! I am new that's why i didn't knew.

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    Hello, is it planned to make Ignite Express/Pro usable with Magix Video ProX? At the moment I use Hitfilm Express for the Ignite effects, but ProX is more usable for me (it has german userguides).

    Or - is the a trick to use it with ProX today?

  • Why I can't see Ignite Express?

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    Ignite Express is an item that is no longer available from the website. Unfortunately, unless you already have an existing licence for it in your account you will not be able to download and use the software.

    You are more than welcome to try out the Ignite Pro demo version using the following link, although it will have a watermark due to it being a demo version.

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