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  • @FilmSensei ; Ah, yes.  I remember that one.  It was right before The Outsiders.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     Finally got to listen to the podcast. Jay, @FerraFilms good talk! I'll always take a shout-out. 

    Ferra, I've shared this tool with some other users. Consider "Levelator."

    It's older software  no longer being developed, but still works well. It does one thing only, but does it well - raise/lower vocal audio levels to a consistent, but hot range. WAV files only, but you just drag a file to the Levelator shortcut, it does its thing and drops its output file in the same folder as the source. So this program would even out the different volumes of you and Jay in one shot.

    @DafterThings has used it on his last few shorts and I know it's been useful for him. 

  •  @Triem23 Thanks!

    To be honest, I couldn't tell that there was a leveling issue with the podcast. When I do my tutorials, I use the Audio Compressor in HitFilm, and I think it works fantastically. I will check out Levelator though. You can never have tools many tools at your discretion.

  • @ferrafilms ; @filmsensei ; I did hear a different level between the vocals. Nothing too much though.

    I delayed using Levelator thinking it was going to be a pain. All I do now is record my lines of dialog in Audacity, save them as wav and then drag them all into Levelator. It has some so much messing about with volume levels in Hitfilm (thanks @Triem23).
    It does get stuck very occasionally with sound effects but that's not a huge deal.

  • I appreciate you guys checking out the podcast (@Triem23 & @DafterThings).

    Thanks for the subjection to make the podcast audio better. I will give it a try when recording a podcast or a video. I think the problem was my audio wasn't level that is why there was different levels. I will give it a try this week because I am going to record a video for Thursday. 

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  • @FilmSensei ;  Been out of town for a while and just caught up with this post.  

    What an awesome tutorial!   Very clear and easy to follow.

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  • Awesome. Wake up and first video to watch after coffee. :)

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  • Love it. Looks really great and I love all the noise patterns. :)

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    Part 3:

  • edited July 2019

    @FilmSensei Yeah, all of these things look great, but weren't you ganna do a tutorial on TRON bikes at one point?

  •  Awesome FilmSensei! Thanks for putting all this out there, Especially for keeping things in base Express.👍

    One teeny tiny nit-picky thing though, why did you affix the lens dirt to the star? If it was real dirt on your lens it  would not have moved with the star, but only be revealed (masked) by the light. 

    But thats being Really picky.

  • @LiamMcM1 Since the star is in the shot the whole time, I decided to do it the way I did for the sake of simplicity. If the star was off frame at any time, then masking (or more precisely, using a matte) would definitely the way to go.

    @Mistery1307 Tron light cycles are still in the works! :)

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  • Very nice. :)

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  • @FilmSensei ; Good intro and summation.

  • NICE! Thankyou @FilmSensei, :)

    Great explanation, I have a tough time explaining my own concept but you explained perfectly, much better than I can. Took you less than a minute to explain something that takes me much, much longer. :)

  • @spydurhank Actually, the problem is that it took me four minutes to get around to it! Doh! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     @spydurhank you on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram ? I've been able to tag Jay as I share this video around social media (just did another round on Twitter and six different Facebook groups/pages) with an owmycgi link (that's still a great name!), but it would be nice to directly tag. 

    I've been light on promo while Blender was in Beta, but with 2.8 officially out and stable, I figure you'll be out of Beta and into RC's with your current or next build, so it's time to really spread the word. 

  • @Triem23 , Thank you very much, amazing of you to do. :)



    I don't have a Twitter yet but will work on it with Courtney who is gonna try to help me more when she has time.

    Thank you again for all of your help Mike.


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