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  •  Nice out of the box thinking with Neon Glow

  • @NormanPCN Neon Glow? Interesting. I'm not immediately seeing how that would work in creating this look, which means I already know I get to learn new tricks from @FilmSensei today. 

    So, new tutorials from Jay and Justin. I have some good stuff to watch later today. 

  • Yes, great use of Neon Glow. I'd previously used Crush Blacks & Whites Alpha, to do that but Neon Glow has different advantages. Definitely one to add to my Presets. :)

  • Thanks everyone! Justin's tutorial is a really good one also. Being a child of the 70's and 80's, I particularly could see myself using the techniques from his tutorial.

    The Crush Blacks and White Alpha Effect works really well also. In fact, in some ways, even better. It seems to leave a sharper edge on the shadow. I may need to do a follow up video talking about that. Thanks Palacono!

  • +1 on the Neon Glow trick! 

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  • Oh that is awesome. :)

  • How to Draw in the Air - HitFilm Express!

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     @FilmSensei holy sh*t. That is genius!

  • Someone beat me to the Holy blah blah.

    Screw it. Holy carp.


  • Thanks everyone! :)

  • My newest tutorial... How to Create a Silhouetted Shadow Effect in HitFilm Express!

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    Brilliant 'outside the box' thinking again. :)

    Do try adjusting some of the sliders in Difference Key though, I use it and get pretty good results. Where there are holes - due to foreground object and clean plate having same colours - adding a small keyframed traveling mask to fill in those holes is a whole lot faster than rotoscoping the entire thing.

  • @Palacono You are correct, of course!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I haven't watched the tutorial yet, so a general observation. Difference Masking can work, depending on camera, codec and contrast. Sometimes you get a pixelated mess. 

    Roto is a pain, but it's a vital skill. Without greenscreen or a clean plate, sometimes it's the only choice. 

    I'll watch in a bit. Jay, sounds like you have a real winner on your hands this week. Last two or three weeks you've been pulling out some really clever and elegant ideas. Hell, next time someone asks about animating handwriting, I'm pointing them to the draw in the air tutorial. That Lightsword trick is maybe the coolest tip I've seen in a year--and that's with @jsbarrett throwing out really different tips, besides! 

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  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm tickled you found a cool use for Difference Masking. Great build up from last week, using the Matte as a Displacement Map. 

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    Hmmm... very nice effect, :) but you're clearly 'visible' when you're not moving, so if can't only be the Difference Key, because you show there is no difference shown  when you're stationary. So...what else did you do?

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    @FilmSensei ; Jay, question about your recent 3D Model Import tutorial with the Orville model.  When I tried parenting the Point to the model with the Transform setting it didn't seem to work for me unless I used the Main Parent on the layer menu instead???   I also had an issue with the lights not affecting the model  until I decided to check those settings for the quality and sure enough one of them had gotten moved to Quick.  And even after I had seen posts countless times (and even responded to a few) about the issue it almost got me!  But I got it all imported and it is looking sharp as newborn kitten claws!  Thanks, learned quite a bit today.  

  • @Palacono to come back  to your old post above from March, even when Jay is static there's still whatever grain/noise is encoded into the file and whatever movement would be in the background plate (wind moving trees, grass, etc), and whatever little movements Jay would have when standing "still."

    So, even with the Difference key there will usually be some sort of visibility.

    I haven't watched the Orville tutorial yet. I'll get to that later tonight.

  • @tddavis I am glad to hear you got it working. Strange about your transforming from the point issue. That should not have a problem. At least I have never had a challenge with that. Like you, I have also been caught in the "why doesn't this effect work?" frustration only to find out that I had changed the quality settings and forgot about it. I sure do feel stupid but at the same time relieved that I didn't send a ticket to Axel! :) How embarrassing would that be! Another thing that I have done more than once is put a 2D plane in between my lights and my models, therefore killing the lights. Then I muck around for a while trying to figure out why the lights aren't on until I finally realize how stupid I have been. In the martial arts we have a saying... "When you learn from nothing else, you learn from pain."

    @Triem23 You may notice a few lessons you taught me in the most recent Orville Tutorial Video (wink wink). Of course, you probably notice something that you taught me in all of my videos! :)

    PS: I am sorry it took me so long to respond. For some reason, I have been unable to access the forums for the past few days. It seems to be fixed now! :)

  • @FilmSensei ; I had that same issue with the forum and thought I had been blocked for some reason and did send in a ticket  Embarrassing indeed.  Mea Culpa, guys.

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