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  •  Sorry about dropping out of the stream, surprise family visit. Will have to watch the rest later. I am still curious about CSV thingymabob now. :)

  • Unfortunately I couldn't join the call - vacation - &  I've only skimmed through the stream. I saw the section where you discussed CSV import near the start & wondered how much further you discussed it?

    I can imagine 3D scenes where a more exact geometric path, created within Excel for example, could be useful, and I have one idea I would like to try for creating moving map tracks - import of GPS routes or track details. A GPX or Google maps track can be  easily converted to  CSV format and used for creating such  a track. I'd like some more details on the expected CSV format as the absolute timestamp, latitude, longitude, elevation would need be to be 'normalised' to suitable time/frame, X, Y & Z values, but maybe that can be done within Action Pro.

    Up to now I've done this by hand-keyframing a track, but it's tedious and inaccurate.

    My only other suggestion is that the demo version provide some form of restricted HitFilm export, just to be able to verify the process. Plus documentation or tutorials of coursr.

  • @GrayMotion See my update below.

    @pinthenet These are great points that you make!

    Since the round table discussion, I played with the CSV import feature a little bit. I was able to import a data file of US GDP over history into Action Pro, export it as a HitFilm Composite Shot, then create a moving graph line using the Lightsword Effect. The biggest challenge there was getting the scale right. The scales are absolutely off the charts.

    Secondly, after talking with Ted, I found an Android App that records in real time the gyroscopic data from my phone. Believe it or not, it actually records the data in a CSV file! I was able to fairly quickly retool the file into something that could be imported into Action Pro and then exported as a HitFilm Comp. The bad news is that I had a somewhat limited success.

    Unfortunately, there are many things about Action Pro 1.0 that are simply broken. The Smooth Effect seems to do nothing, which would be very important when collecting live, organic movement data. You cannot remove tracks once they have been placed, and there is no Exit button, just to name a few of the issues. This has made it very challenging to get any kind of really good results. I will keep playing around, but I feel that Action Pro is woefully inadequate for the task.

    Has anyone else played around with Action Pro since the discussion? Please post what you found here!

  • @FilmSensei what is the name of the app? Sounds interesting.

    Yes, I also had problems with scaling when I tried a GPS track. In the end I just created a CSV that looked like the clip on the product page and that worked.... I also noted the other issues you mentioned

  • The app is called "Physics Toolbox Suite" in the Google Play Store. It measures all kinds of things, but what I was most interested in was the changes in X and Y position. This was recorded as a change from moment to moment, not as position. So I had to tweak the CSV file using some formulas to calculate the position based on the changes. Because of the jitteriness of the data, however, it needs a lot of smoothing. Unfortunately, the smoothing effect does not seem to work in Action Pro. I am thinking about converting the organic data to a set of Rolling Average Data Points to smooth out the numbers. That should create the effect that I am after.

  • Thanks, there seem to be a few similar apps, I'll check them out, although that means getting diverted from what I should be doing (editing vacation images).....

  • J - After the stream I did go back to Action Pro 1 and work with it. I found the same things you did. I also seen the app called Physics Toolbox Suite as well but didn't install it yet. I found a simple css example similar to the one in the the screenshoot on the sales page. I had no luck importing it though.

    I guess at this time Action Pro is really just a "pipe dream" for the lack of a better term. It is along way from being a viable software. Hopefully Josh can get back to it at sometime in the future as there is potential there.

  • Give the poor guy some time, he was working on Action Pro all by himself and look how far he got. :)

  • @spydurhank I agree... we can wait, we are patient people.

  • @spydurhank - Hey to be clear...we (I) are not busting on Josh at all. We understand and like J says...we patient people. All is good...


  • we (I) "are not busting on Josh at all. "

    @GrayMotion , Never crossed my mind. :)

    Dude just probably needs some more time, is all. :)

  • Join me tomorrow morning live as I make a huge announcement. Set your reminder now!

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    @FilmSensei. I was just searching through the past couple of streams for something you mentioned and I'm betting the lottery winnings I'll never win it's at least part of your announcement tomorrow.  I could not recall when you said it'd go up but now Nov 1st rings a bell.  I'll be 1st in line to sign up for sure.

  • 7:00am!! pot comes on at 5:30 here...30 minutes after your announcement. I see now I better be hitting the sack if I wanna be present.  👍

  • @GrayMotion... 9:00am Eastern, 8am Central, 7am Mountain, 6am Pacific. Set your reminder!

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  • edited November 2019 I said to you last week..better clean up them shades.

    Congratulations Jay!

    PS - This video is so 1980's my computer just switched to text only mode.

    Kelly LeBrock - oo la la


  •  No kidding!   Half the computers in the office just went text only . . . .

    But seriously folks . . .  Congrats Jay!   That is awesome!

  • Great work Jay, keep it up!

  • Thank everyone! I appreciate all of your support on my Udemy Master Class project. There is only 3 days left on the coupon, so buy your course today and own it forever!

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  •  @FilmSensei ; I left a rating on Udemy yesterday, I think it was, but if nothing in my rambling comment to you in my thread is suitable let me know and I'll try to be concise. :)

  • I'm happy to post a testimonial. Working my way through it...slowly. 

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     @FilmSensei ; I signed up to review the content.  And look forward to picking up a few things.  Will plan on posting a testimonial as soon as I get a moment.

  • Once I get through things, of course! 

  • Join me tonight as I discuss / speculate the upcoming FXhome Short Film. Set your reminder now!

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    @FilmSensei ; Looking forward to this one for certain as I have not seen a single thing about this project before your preview of the stream.  Curiosity piqued! BTW, in the final 1/4 of your course...picking up tons of new info.

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    @FilmSensei Won't be able to make it as I have other commitments.  But definitely plug your Udemy course.  From what I have seen so far it is very informative and perfect for new users.  I've also picked up on a couple of items I had overlooked, so its worthwhile - no matter the skill level.  Looking forward to the rest.

  •  Great stream tonight Jay!


  • @FlamingThunderTV Thank you! I thought last night's live stream went very well.

    I am really looking forward to this Sunday's live stream with @Triem23. We will talk about Mike's "Top Essentials" for VFX. This is a can't miss live stream event. The live stream will take place at Noon Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm GMT!

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