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    I ran across the mixer back when I downloaded one of the Megascan assets...lava cliffs I think.

    Pretty cool to mix different textures together for unique one of a kind textures. Up to 8k/2m  textures and exports in exr too I think. Pretty slick - makes tileable seamless textures  fool proof. :-)

    Mixer has been free for a while so who knows how long it'll stay free...but cool none the less.

    If you made a first time Quixel account make sure to download the free 50 free assets before your trail expires. I neglected to do this...but I might subscribe anyways...pricing isn't to bad.

  • @GrayMotion

    Why are all the textures like round balls? Sorry, I have not seen this and it probably is easy to explain.

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    @DataDesign - Displaying shaders (ie; textures/materials) on a sphere allows you and I  to view a material and all of is maps (normals, glossy, specular, bump, roughness, etc) from different angles allowing us to see the full quality of the seamless material while a cube or flat surface won't give the best views of the material.

  • @GrayMotion It is pretty cool! And here I have actual work to do! See how you turned out, distracting me like that. :)

    @DataDesign That just gives you a chance to see sort of what it looks likes when it's put together.

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    We'll see if I make it home by then. Out and about running errands. 

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  •  Love this tool, good little DVD ripper to.

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  • I think that is genius.... unless everybody else already knew it in which case i am dumb 

  • @DafterThings Lol! I say we just call it genius! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DafterThings @FilmSensei a bit of both? (Sorry, couldn't resist) 

  • How very dare you.  

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  • @Andersen01498 @pinthenet @Triem23 @JMcAllister @Chalky64 @Rogyrue @Strings123 @triforcefx @Deweak

    All of you guys have expressed interest in and commented on Action Pro in the past. Are any of you interested in joining me this afternoon at 3:00pm Eastern time for a round table discussion regarding what happened, where we are at with this now, and what we would like to see happen from here?

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    @FilmSensei I wouldn't have much to say, really. I haven't opened Action Pro in well over a year. I'd say "good idea, hampered by it being Josh's personal baby, so its development suffers from Josh having to do his CEO stuff.

    Also, for future development it'll need an Android app. Iphone is only 18% of the global market, 40% of the US market, 30% of the European market... Although just a tick over 50% in the UK. 

    Most importantly, my odd graveyard hours mean it's about 6am in Cali and it'll probably be another hour or two before bed, so I'll be fast asleep when you go live. 

    I do need to talk with you about setting up a different livestream. I have a couple potential topics, but I also leave the country for two months near the top of December to scout where in Ireland we'll be moving. So we should aim for November or end of Jan. That said, that's a conversation for Twitter or Facebook DM. 


  • @Triem23 I would be delighted to do a live stream with you... more than one if you like! Whenever you want, just let me know.

    As far as Action Pro, I haven't opened it up in over a year either either, but I agree with your statement on it.

    Sleep well!

  • Sorry I won’t be available in the next days, but I’ll be happy to discuss about Action Pro here. As a registered user I’d love to see this promising peace of software become as professional as Hitfilm is now...

  • @Deweak Thanks for responding! Feel free to watch the live stream either as it happens or after the fact, and include your input in the comments or live chat room. Thanks again!

  • @FilmSensei I'm actually busy this evening (I'm in Europe so afternoon for you is evening here)

    But in any case I don't know that I would have much to contribute - I only used Action Pro to test it and to test how well it could be made to work on Linux using Wine. I have never actually used it for animation

  • @JMcAllister No problem! I just thought I would ask if anyone else wanted to jump in. Thanks for the reply!

  • Join me in twenty-five minutes as I host a round table discussion of Action Pro. Set your reminder now!!
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