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  • In this video, I adjust the Low Pass Smoothing at 3:30 minutes...

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    I'm going to correct myself a bit when it comes to the movement of the mice. Josh had mentioned a system "tweak" for  this earlier in a question follow-up. Totally slipped my mind.

    November 2017

    and yes...what Sensei said 


  • Lets kick this thread up to the top. There is little action with Action Pro. Software a dead horse?

  • Hey @GrayMotion - consider the thread kicked! I've written about Action Pro and what's been happening with the software in this thread here:

    Hope it helps and clears up some of your questions about Action!

  • Amazing this showed up today. Must be something in the air (water)? I wanted to ask if anyone has any idea if there is a way to use the controller from the Nvidia Shield to control Action Pro? And what about a Wii controller-anything ever happen there?

  • I'm probably a bit simple in some ways - does anyone have a specific device that will do the rotation input in Action Pro? X-Y-Z is fine, but for some stuff I'm doing, ROTATION input device will save me hours upon hours.

    Above there was a comment about Steam Controller:

    Will this work?
    I'm using PC with HitFilmPro and am willing to give it a shot IF SOMEONE has used something. I'm willing to give it a shot. 

    Are there any other controllers that can be used to capture rotation data?


  • I'm going to look into many different input methods over the coming months as I think the mouse is probably the least useful tool in some cases.

    Firstly I'm going to get a few more tools working on the timeline then we'll see some more recording inputs.

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