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I'm not sure if someone already asked this before, if so please tell me! I just edited a video. When I play it in the timeline everything: audio, video speed, ... is right how I want it. However, when I export the video, all the clips are running faster than in the editing program. Does anyone of you know how I can make the clips go slower and how I can measure it right with the audio I put in, so that it comes out the same way as I edited it?

This is the first video I'm editing so I don't know that much about the options in the program at all... Thank you!


  • When you create a video you define a number of frames. 

    Let's say 10 seconds at 30 fps. 300 frames. 

    Now, let's assume you've exported your 30fps project at 60fps. Well, you have 300 frames, still, but at 60fps that's 5 seconds of video. Twice as fast. 

    This is where you screwed up. You've exported your video at a higher frame rate than you edited at.

    This is the short video covering the export queue. 


    This is the long video covering absolutely everything about Import and Export in Hitfilm. 


    Either video should help you correct your error. 

  • Thank you very much! It worked :)

  • Good! :) 

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