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That was a line from the movie,"Mystery Men", from a number of years ago.  What I'm referencing this to is this - I'm ready to blow some money.  Yesterday was my birthday and I told myself I needed to splurge and treat myself to some add-ons for my HF Express.  I know it's a bit of a dumb question to ask you guys what I really need when I should already pretty much know.  Do I really need the Premium Formats add-on?  Im not doing anything professional at the moment so I'd guess no.  I don't need the audio/visual pack because I don't intend to make any waveform-y, music-y kinda things.  I was considering the Atmospheric pack but not sure.  As for Boris, Mocha, Destruction, and Sci-Fi packs, those seem like I could use them at some point.

I just want to get as much as I need now, since I have the money at the moment... and it was my birthday.  ;P . What do y'all usually get, Express-wise?  Thanks in advance for your answer and advice!


  • I have the starter pack, the Colorist Pack, and the Repair pack, and I like them all!! They are all very helpful, what I look for when purchasing a pack is what is going to help my video look better, so like the destruction pack, and the sci fi pack I do not really need because I can find stock footage or other stuff, it isn't very important, at least to me ;) To me is getting my footage looking cinematic, like the packs I have now help, but the film looks pack might help a lot, but I guess it really depends on what you really want your footage to be :) Like you said ;) hope this helps some!!

  • Starter pack is best value for money. 3D Extrusion is very useful, Color Curves are the most flexible and powerful grading tool and Split Screen masking makes all kinds of things easier.

    Otherwise it depends on what you're doing. Colorist is the next best "utility" pack. Atmosphere and Destruction are great if you need those specific effects.

    Boris is, well, all about titling. 

    If you want to track a camera and insert things in a shot, or if you do a lot of roto, Mocha Hitfilm is a bargain. 

  • I'm quite into VFX, so I have the Destruction pack (e.g. 3d gunfire), Film looks, Atmospheric lighting and Mocha for the tracks.

  • After a little thought, I may now end up just going for the Pro edition.  Apples to oranges, it just seems more like id do better and be better off with it.  Thanks for y'all's help! :D

  •  @russelltopia

    If you do decide to go for HitFilm pro, bear in mind there will *probably* be a new version released very very soon... so you might want to wait for that

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