Converting M4v files to MP4

All my video files on my Mac are M4v which Hitfilm doesn't recognise. I need to convert them all to MP4. Which video converter does anyone recommend? Thanks


  • I don't have any M4V files to test, but a quick search tells me that MPEG Streamclip will do the job.

  • Thanks JS. I will look it up and try. There seem to be so many options and everybody has their own favourites.

  • @MichaelTurner1946 ; I use this program: Xrecode.  I find it supports a bajillion formats and it's freeware that they keep pretty updated.  And I check the list and it shows M4V in the output list.  Usually I leave it on MP4 output though.

  • M4V and MP4 are really the same thing and any differences have more to do with how Apple handles things rather than actually needing to convert the files. QuickTime or QuickTime based apps usually won't play an h.264 encoded video with SRT subtitles, chapter markers, AC3 audio or Apple's FairPlay DRM unless the file extension is M4V. If the file is protected by FairPlay DRM, you shouldn't be trying to use it in HitFilm. If it isn't protected, you can just change the file extension to MP4 and HitFilm should recognize it but there's a chance it won't play in some Apple apps until you change the extension back to M4V

  • Thanks I will try this. I get so confused by the difference between M4v and MP4

  • @MichaelTurner1946 One ends in M4V and the other in MP4 ;) Seriously, other than that there isn't a difference in the file structure.

  • Wow, there will be two statements of M4V.

    If your .m4v files are not protected by DRM, you can use a free video converter  to convert .m4v to .mp4 files, and  you can search the best free converter on search engine.

    If your .m4v are protected by DRM, it might be trouble a little. the thing you should do is to remove it using some software, such as Reqiuem, DMmare M4V Converter, TunesKit removal tool.

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