Need deer walking reference

Hi,  I'm currently working on a project that involves a deer but my question is does anybody have any idea where I can find some deer walking reference for my 3d animation project? 



  • Typing "deer" into a Google search for videos yields this:

    I would imagine you can do the same and find other examples.

  • Add "reference" to the search and you turn up a video titled "Reference: Deer Walk"

    Plus hand drawn animation references

  • @Andersen01498 ; In addition, you could also look for horse movement.  I would surmise that the motion of deer walking would be very similar, if not identical, to horses especially colts and foals walking for the body mass comparison.

  • @tddavis There are some similarities between horse and deer motions, but enough differences that I wouldn't use anything but deer reference if I had to animate a deer.

    @Andersen01498 For video reference, always start with YouTube, as others have indicated.  "deer walking" will get you TONS of material.  However, ignore anything that's already animated (IMO).  When trying to create the illusion of life, life itself is always the best reference.

  • @jsbarrett You are right.  After I posted I went looking on youtube to see and deer seem to be daintier than horses. Don't know if it's the hoof size difference or what, but they don't put their legs down with the same force that horses seem to do.  I'd never thought it about before.  The only thing I know of deer is they taste pretty good. 

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