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So I decided to get a small upgrade and bought the code for V-LOG.

I made the purchase off B&H Photo and after following Panaosnic's steps, I was astonished to find out the error that the key was already in  use.
I called Panasonic and each individual I spoke to  really had no idea  what the heck I was talking about and they asked me to take it up to B&H.

B&H was kind. They actually sent me four copies. Why four, you ask? Because all four of them (each time I recieved one) generated the first error.

That's a 100 dollars each.. . . 

B&H Photo throws in the towel and asks me to call Panaosnic.

So I decided to go over Live Chat and they told me they'd take it up with the "Tech Speicalizers" and they'll get back through email within 24 to 48 hours.

Should I be weirded out? Enraged? Or somehow find some humor in all of this?

Any similar experiences? 


  • Also, is there an edit button in this forum? I can't seem to find it.

    My typos are ridiculous.


  • The gear icon at the top-right corner of each of your posts is how you edit the post.

    As for your situation, my mind is a bit boggled.  Fingers crossed the tech folks can resolve it.

  • DOH!

    Thanks for the headsup. Don't know how I missed that. 

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