Manuel Bastioni 3d humanoids for Blender

Hi all, so procrastinating (yep I'm bad) on YouTube and a video about Manuel Bastioni popped up for its new version 1.6.0. So I thought Blender, interested in that, human models might be useful, given I have not got a cast of actors to work with. Well all in all it looked very impressive, I have no idea how easy it is to set up realistic animations but it looks like all the tools are there to give it a go. Oh and did I mention it's FREE.

Check it out at

Q for the community, anyone using it? Advice / review?


  • Nope. Think it's a new release. Saw the ad five minutes ago. My wifey and I shared a chuckle at the graphics of a nude woman dissolving to pixels just at the bits that would violate Facebook standards. Even for a pack of free pre-rigged models, sex sells. 

  • @Triem23 now I already said I clicked it because of the Blender reference, what on earth would I be clicking on it just because it was a rather raunchy image

  • @Andy001z well you're an interested CG artist. Somewhere a random teenaged boy is clicking through and about to be disappointed. 

  • @Triem23 well maybe they will or maybe they won't maybe it will capture their imagination and inspire them to create... who knows... it's amazing how far these tools have come and that they are available so cheaply.

  • @Andy001z yes ManuelBastioni is pretty awesome, they are rigged and ready to go. You can customize between human or non human and you can even go further and modify the mesh as well afterwards to sculpt some additional details you want on the character. It is indeed useful for the ease of use and time. I honestly though haven't tried exporting a MB character into Hitfilm yet so not sure how it will handle that, should be no problem though as it does contain its uv mapping with each character created.

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