I can't insert a text

Hi everyone.
So, I created a text area and was about to to add some titles to my vedeo but no matter how often I click on the area it didn't allow me to write anything into it. I tried to paste the text but it didn't work too. I don't know what it is. I think I accidentally click a hot key when I wrote a text last time (I used cyrillic letters and already understood that HitFilm recognizes them as hot keys).


  • Have you selected the text tool icon as well? It's on the left of the Viewer, shaped like an "A."

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    Also make the text box very large in case your text size is bigger than can fit in the text box. Or the word is very long. You don't get partial letters (or words) when you do that. You just get nothing.

  • @Palacono

    You don't have to make the text box bigger, you can just press ctrl+a and then lower the text size....

  • But I usually want large text. If I've already applied some large text, it remembers that, and if I don't make the text box large enough then: Nothing appears. I want it to show partial letters. ;)

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